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Child Size Sporran


Baby Kilt Sporran…. Complete the entire outfit. Great gift for the young ones.

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Baby Kilt Sporran…. A nice welcoming gift for the new clan member.

Available in white, gray and black rabbit fur.  Measures 3.5″ wide and is 4″ tall.

18 reviews for Child Size Sporran

  1. Happy Bride

    Ring Bearer was the hit of my wedding.
    My Irish husband had to wear his formal kilt at our outdoor park wedding. His sons wore black utility kilts and black tshirts. Enter my great nephew Cosmo. I wanted to have him walk down the aisle with my new granddaughter the flower girl. I had a vision of Cosmo dressed just like my new stepsons. After a quick Google search I found Sport Kilt! Two weeks later a black utility kilt and sporran were delivered to Cosmo. We put our rings in his sporran and my sister (Cosmo’s grandmother) helped him down the aisle and made my dream come true. We opened the sporran and took the rings out when it was time. He was the hit of the party. He danced the day away and went from fully dressed to naked and man was that the cutest. Cosmo will continue to wear that kilt until it is too small. Thank you Sport Kilt!

  2. LEO Dave

    Awesomeness !!!
    I’ve owned a few kilts in the past years and I’ll tell you my new Sport Kilt is definitely my favorite. I received numerous compliments on it. It fits very well and is much cooler than my other kilts. I definitely will order more kilts and other Kilt related items from Sport Kilt.

  3. Jennifer

    Very nice
    The sporran is very nice. It was too large for my son so I just moved the little clips for the belt further down the chain and it was perfect after that.

  4. IrishAli

    Better than Expected
    The child-sized sporran looked very nice on the website, and my husband agreed we should order one for our 2-year old son (he’s had a kilt since birth). My husband is a leather worker, and has high standards, but he was very impressed with the sporran and thinks it is a great value for the price. We have yet to give it to my son, but I know he will get years of good use from it!

  5. WildFan16

    Looks Great with the Baby Kilt! Great Customer Service!
    This is the perfect size for the baby kilt. If you are looking at it for the toddler kilt, I would probably get the youth sporran instead. When I first got this, some of the fur was matted with glue. I contacted Sport Kilt and they sent me a new one immediately. The new one was perfect and looked great with my 1 year old’s kilt.

  6. Noelle MK

    Love it
    It looks great!

  7. Beckith

    Adorable sporran
    I was looking for a child size sporran for my 1 year old that wasn’t crazy expensive (because.. He’s 1). This sporran is cool looking, great quality and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg! He wore it to the Cambridge Scottish Festival and got so many compliments. It’s still a bit big but I was able to adjust the chains so it fit perfectly, plus he’ll hopefully be able to wear it for a few years to come! Very satisfied with my purchase.

  8. William P Johnston

    Very satisfied with my purchase.

  9. Cinco’s Dad

    Cute Little Sporran
    Makes the outfit.

  10. Edie Nicholson

    Awesome child sporran, so nice!
    The sporran is super nice quality and looks so sharp with my son’s kilt. It makes the outfit! It is too large for him at 18 months old, but we pinned it to his clothes to keep it in place, and it worked perfectly.

  11. Brian

    Great product
    A great product for the price. Granted, it won’t last a lifetime. But what does in the hands of children?

  12. Benn Eckles

    childs sporran and kilt
    As always,very pleased not only with the quality of the products but the quickness in which we recieved them! Little Kai is ALL boy dressed in his Black Steward kilt and childs spooran! In fact ,one could say he’s a “man and a half” in his kilt! Thanks for the good service. As Kai grows, so will his kilts!

  13. Julii Pratt

    Greatly pleased!
    This experience was like all the others I have had with Sport Kilt. Perfect! you get what you want, when you want it, at reasonable prices. We have ordered 4 kilts, adults, youth and baby, as well as all the fixin’s
    Thanks and keep up the great job! Julii

  14. Anonymous

    My grandson loved this! It is very well made and completed the look perfectly. The fact that it can hold small items made it a hit! It is sized well for my two-year old grandson. The adjustable belt made it easy to put on and take off and stayed in place during wear.

  15. DERWIN


  16. Sarah

    Fun accessory
    My brother got married and all of the men were wearing kilts with the full kit. My son was asked to be the ring bearer, and was also fitted into a kilt. We had a hard time finding small sporrans for him to wear, and came across this one. Not only was it nicer looking than the one we found locally, but it was less expensive, even with shipping. My son is on the slender side, and found the belt on the sporran (the leather part) didn’t adjust enough for it to fit properly, but the belt does unclip, and it was easy to run the chain through the loops and clip to the chain, making it fit properly (fantastic bonus!). My son loved wearing it (not a struggle to be had) and it is now in his play box where he plays with it often.

  17. Kay Rapp

    We were putting together a bagpipers costume for our young grandson and the child-size sporran was an important part of the outfit. The sporran is of excellent quality with attention paid to the small details. We couldn’t be more pleased!

  18. Soren Lowe

    Child Sporran
    You guys are awesome. My little girl looked just like daddy all dressed up in her kilt, with flashes and sporran. It’s nice to know that there is a company like yours that makes these special kilts and accessories for little kids. It has been a pleasure ordering products from sportkilt.com and I would recommend your products to anybody without a doubt. Thank you

    Soren Lowe
    Lewiston Firefighters Pipes and Drums

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