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They say love requires a leap of faith.

No one knows that better than avid skydiver Jon Hartmann, who decided on a whim one day to make a jump in his Sport Kilt. With their Velcro closure and comfortable fit, our kilts make it easy to put on all the gear required to make a successful plunge from 10,000 feet (just don’t forget to wear some compression shorts underneath so you can be bird appropriate).

Anyway, even with the kilt on, Jon expected this dive to be pretty similar to the many he’d done before.

That was until he saw the pilot of the jump plane – a cute brunette named Britton. Jon had to wait for a moment at the exit door once the plane reached cruising altitude just to make sure he caught the pilot’s eye, and then he was off – with his Sport Kilt shooting straight up in the wind.

The rest of the jump went perfectly and the tartan flew like a dream. Jon’s dream got even better when he and Britton started dating shortly thereafter, and got married in 2019. The two high flyers had their ceremony at the National Warplane Museum in Genoso, New York, in front of World War II-era C-47 known as Whiskey 7. To top it all off, Britton piloted the plane that served as the couple’s reception sendoff. This tale of boldness and bravery is a moment in Sport Kilt history that was all love from the jump!

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