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Highland Games Competitor & Heavy Hammer Champion

Watch Felicia Baker throw on the Highland Games field and you see a confident, charismatic competitor at the top of her game. Talk to Felicia Baker and those feelings are only reinforced. But this wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t long ago that Baker was brand new, lacking confidence and expertise but with a drive to prove something to herself and others.

That’s the way it’s always been for Baker. She’s had to prove herself and she welcomes the challenge. From competing in male dominated meeting rooms, to competing in male dominated athletic pursuits, for Baker the joy is in the challenge.

“The first time I ever competed in the Highland Games was at a competition in my hometown Vista, California,” said Baker. “I was throwing alongside elite women who had been doing it for years. I was a long way away from competition success but immediately knew I had succeeded in finding a passion and group of people who would grow into a family.”

Since that first event Baker has come a long way, and the accomplishments have followed, including holding the world record for Heavy Hammer in the women’s lightweight division. But no accomplishment – even a world record – can stack up to the accomplishment she feels bringing new people to the sport. Among those accomplishments Baker has many, including volunteering at camps focused on introducing Highland Games activities to underprivileged children and being the driving force behind womenshighlandgames.com whose mission is to get more women involved in the sport.

These days, everywhere she goes Felicia Baker carries the confidence of a seasoned pro. Sure, this has to do with her accomplishments and accolades, but the true driving force for her confidence is much bigger, or smaller, depending on how you look at it.

“My goal as a woman athlete is to show my daughter you can achieve anything you put your mind to. To me, bravery is all about stepping into something new even if you don’t have the experience or confidence and I want to be that example for her and others every day.”

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