Paralympic Athlete and Veteran

Sometimes you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Other times you’re in the wrong place at the right time. Sport Kilt Ambassador Keith Sekora has stories about both.

In 2010, while serving our country in Afghanistan, Keith was on an EOD mission with an Army Unit when he was struck in the back. It was bad. But 32 hours later while getting ready for another mission things got a lot worse. Keith suffered multiple strokes as a result of his injury and was left partially paralyzed in his left side. As he worked through recovery and listened to doctors tell him he’d never be 100% again, there was a lot of time to think and plot his next move.

Never one to sit around for too long without embracing a new challenge, Keith signed up to take part in an Adaptive sports camp that was holding an Olympic Rifle and Pistol Course. Excited to connect with friends and get active again, Keith boarded the bus only to discover he’d boarded the wrong one. Instead of the bus headed for the Rifle and Pistol Course, Keith found himself on an archery field, never having held a bow in his life.

Instead of making his way back to the original course, Keith hoisted his bow from and let fly. The arrow may have gone astray, (in fact, it went so far astray in struck a nearby taxidermied deer head) but it set a course for a new passion and lease on life. Not giving up he started shooting from his wheelchair.

A lot has happened since Keith Sekora boarded the wrong bus and shot his first arrow. He’s since gone on to shoot for and coach the Air Force Wounded Warrior Archery Team and he’s qualified for the US Paralympic team. But beyond his accomplishments, Keith’s primary point of pride is what his new passion has meant for his family. These days when Keith Sekora competes you’ll find his daughter in tow, oftentimes shooting right alongside him, always wearing a matching Sport Kilt for support.

Though he may not say so himself, Keith Sekora is the very definition of bravery and we’re proud to have him join the Sport Kilt Ambassador family.

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