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Singer/Song Writer, Music Director and Avid Outdoorsman​

Rick Butler embodies Swagger everywhere he goes, right down to the name of his band and the Sport Kilts they wear. The Salt Lake City-based musician started his American–Irish Rock band, Swagger, in 2007. Three years later Rick produced and built his own Irish music festival that grew over three years into a huge success.

Rick is a mover and shaker who gets things done. Wearing Sport Kilts gives him and his band the confidence to step out on a live stage and perform their music. People with Celtic backgrounds from all over appreciate the authenticity of Swagger performing traditional songs in kilts.

Rick is an avid outdoorsman. When he’s touring with Swagger he likes to play golf and fly fish the best rivers along the way. When Rick tees it up with his fiddle player, Dennis, the locals they play with often recognize them as Swagger – must be the Sport Kilts they wear while playing. “It is really an awesome feeling when people come up to us and ask us for autographs and pictures,” says Rick.

Bravery to Rick means taking chances, stepping out of your comfort zone and landing on your feet in a place you’ve never been. After the success of his Irish music festivals, Rick found that he could share his music with larger audiences. Swagger has written and produced four albums of original songs, touring across the U.S. for 14 years. With experience and connections under his belt, Rick continues to set his goals higher as he organizes more local music events and fundraisers. Rick strives for authenticity, ensuring that local Scottish and Irish vendors are used at his events. And of course, he does all his work while wearing a Sport Kilt.

Some say the clothes make the man, and Rick believes his kilts give him confidence on and off the stage. “Our band has always been recognized for being sharp-dressed men,” says Rick. “We’re more comfortable to perform our best when we’re wearing kilts. That’s why we’ve worn them since Day 1.”

From his early days in California to his long run with Swagger, Rick’s music has touched on all aspects of the Irish-American experience. His band mixes rock, ska, jazz, classical and blues influences into one unique sound, with lyrics that tell stories about the virtues and vices of modern Irish culture.

“We’re a perfect match with Sport Kilt,” Rick says about Swagger. “We love performing in our Sport Kilts. We always make it a point to meet our fans at our merchandise table and let them snap some photos with us.“

It takes someone with real swagger to live life on their terms while doing good for the communities they touch. Whether it’s releasing studio albums, performing at music festivals, fly fishing or playing golf, Rick Butler is Swagger head to toe.

See where Rick’s band will be performing next and listen to their original songs at swaggertheband.com

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