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Highland Games Competitor & Coach

At Sport Kilt, we have the luxury of seeing a lot of Highland Games competitors donning our gear. However, few of those competitors are former bio-chemists who have dedicated their life to coaching those who have been cast aside by traditional measures of athletic success. Introducing our latest Sport Kilt Ambassador, Sara Jenkins Fleming.

From a young age, Sara was told she wasn’t a good athlete. Routinely passed over, she always felt she could compete if only she could find the right sport. Fortunately, things took a fortuitous turn later in life and she got the chance to prove herself right.

After leaving a successful career in biochemistry, and starting a family, Sara realized she needed a new challenge. On the urging of a friend and colleague, she was drawn to the Highland Games. With only YouTube as her coach, Sara taught herself the Highland Games fundamentals. “I went alone to my first games and was super nervous, said Fleming. “I didn’t know anyone and never competed before. But I left the field that day having taken second place and knew this was something I wanted to continue to pursue.”

Since that day Sara Jenkins Fleming has more than persevered. In 2015 she decided she’d train for the Master’s Worlds Highland Games and ended up placing second in the lightweight class against the best in the world. But beyond her individual accomplishments, it’s the time spent inspiring others that truly defines Fleming. By focusing on those that feel they’re not cut out or capable of success, Fleming has come full circle, helping others to realize they are capable of anything they set their mind to. “I’m lucky to be in a position to coach people, said Fleming. “They come to me questioning their abilities and with focus on technique and patience, they realize they can move far beyond their previous expectations. Though I am primarily teaching them how to be weightlifters, powerlifters, and Highland Games throwers, what I’m actually teaching them is that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.”

Sara Jenkins Fleming bought her first Sport Kilt in 2011 in preparation for her first Highland Games. Now here we are in 2017 and she stands proud alongside her family who don their matching Kilts in support. Sara is a leader, teacher and inspiration to us all and we’re proud to call her a Sport Kilt Ambassador.

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