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7 year old and future marine biologist

Tristan Primus Hector was born 11 pounds, 6 ounces. Checked for gigantism, the results came back negative, and everyone had to admit he was just born to be epic. While other kids his age can be found nose deep in their digital devices, Tristan is too busy climbing trees, scaling peaks and honing his golf swing to care about the latest viral dance trend.

This brave lad comes from a strong Scottish lineage, and a trip to Scotland cemented his love for his heritage and the kilts that come with it. He was asking to sleep in his Sport Kilt the very first day he put one on during that trip, and proudly wore his kilt to hit the links on a rainy day in the motherland. It was also on that trip that Tristan demonstrated bravery by boldly walking through a field of tough-looking Scottish cows without fear.

Even though Tristan is already a right proper gentleman, when he grows up for real he wants to rescue animals, especially whales, from nets and ropes in the ocean. Saving others when they’re scared is in Tristan’s blood: his Uncle Johnny is in the Coast Guard, and his grandfather is a firefighter.

Everywhere Tristan goes, he’s the center of attention in his Sport Kilt. The employees at his local Trader Joe’s might not even recognize him if he shopped in regular old trousers (pants are “too stuffy” anyway, says Tristan). He likes to soak up the California sun riding his bike, scooter and skateboard while wearing his kilt every day. The other kids in his school ask him about his epic attire all the time, and Tristan is proud to share the Sport Kilt love.

Of course, there’s just one problem with Tristan’s marine biology goals: how will he fit his kilt over his wetsuit? Thankfully he still has a few years to figure that one out. In the meantime, Tristan will keep living larger than life as Sport Kilt’s youngest ambassador.

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