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What can’t you do in a Sport Kilt? Seriously, we want to know. Because we believe there’s a kilt or accessory for any occasion, making every activity comfortable, epic, and just plain brave. Read the guide and grab yer’self a Sport Kilt!


Whether you SUP or lie prone, there’s no denying that paddle boarding in a Sport Kilt is one chill way to propel yourself across the surface.

Real Men Wear Kilts T-Shirt

When you feel like Aquaman but want to keep your torso under wraps, slip on this tee and let everyone know how a real man paddles.

Man wearing a baseball cap

Gradient Cap

The last thing you need is the sun obscuring your line of sight as you maintain board equilibrium. This Flexfit cap plays well in all seasons.

Sport Sporran

Until they invent a storage compartment in your paddleboard, trust nothing more than the sport sporran to keep your phone/keys/wallet dry and by your side. 


As the old saying goes, teach a person to fish and you’ll feed them for life. Have them wear a kilt while doing it and they’ll be hooked for just as long.

Mans legs in kilt

Original Sport Kilt

When you wear the one that started the casual kilt revolution, it almost doesn’t matter if the fish are biting. Almost.

Celtic Tri-Knot Hip Flask

Keep the cheers at the ready for when you make a record catch with your buddies. Fish not biting? You’ll drink to that, too.

Woven Steel Sgian Dubh

Carry this stainless steel dagger to elegantly cut a snagged line, or keep it handy if you need to take fishing matters into your own hand.


We know the ocean is the one making waves, but when you catch that perfect tube in your kilt you’ll be turning some heads, too.

Thiarloch Hiking Kilt

Don’t let the “hiking” part of its name harsh your vibe. This microfiber kilt in ocean blue is made to get wet and keep you light on your board.

Men’s Performance Undershorts

Let’s face it – sometimes, a wave is gonna knock you upside down. When that happens, it’s best to protect yourself from gawking seagulls.

Tartan Ruana

Cover yourself while you slip out of your suit, then cover the sand for your post-surf picnic on the beach.


Where there’s smoke, there’s comfort. These products will stoke your coals and get your tongs clapping.

Firefighter Works Kilt

Come in hot with this tartan that resembles a perfectly marbled steak sizzling beautifully on your grill.

Celtic Tri-Knot Hip Flask

The ultimate accessory for carrying a savvy grill master’s favorite marinades.

Diamond Cuff Kilt Hose

These charcoal-colored non-wool socks offer fashionable protection from falling embers.


Whether you’re planting, pruning or pulling, these products will let you see just how brave your garden can grow.

Women’s Sport Kilt

Gardening isn’t always glamorous, which is why we designed these kilts to get down and dirty.

Plaid Baseball Cap

Plants need the sun to photosynthesize. You just need it to stay out of your eyes.

Murphy Original Sport Kilt

No tartan in the Sport Kilt collection says “green thumb” more boldly than the Earth-toned Murphy.


What better way to honor the tradition of the only game invented by lads and lassies wearing kilts, than by donning your own for 18 holes (plus the 19th).

Black Watch Golf Shorts

Perfect for storing your tees and your b’s, these shorts keep you loose all round long.

Person wearing a Sport Kilt Miami Visor Cap

Miami Visor

Miami Visor, featuring a retro Rampant Lion on a modern breathable material visor.

Lion Golf Balls

Lion Balls

The other swingers in your foursome will have no trouble identifying who’s got the balls of a lion. Get your sleeve of Titleist TruFeels and roar “fore.”


Think you’ve got the chops to pick up America’s fastest growing blade sport? Get an axe in your hand and target these products for your next throw night.

Merit Badge

Flipped it. Tipped it. Earned it. Iron or sew this patch onto your kilt and let the world know you’re a certified bad-axe.

Throwing Axes

Feel like you’re part of the battalions of yore with this pair of stainless steel throwing axes that feel oh so satisfying to stick into a backyard stump.

Lion Golf Balls

Large Battle Axe Pin

Bestow upon your kilt this classic axe design that’s a symbol of your strength.


To summit up: wearing a kilt on a beautiful hike is the best way to feel the earth and the air beneath ya.

Black Watch Weathered Hiking Kilt

Made with microfiber performance athletic material, this kilt is made for the long haul.

Multicam Baseball Cap

Serious hikers know the trail is not a place to see or be seen. This hat helps you be one with nature.

Tartan Bandana

Start your mountaineering adventure with this multifaceted accessory around your head, and keep a few others handy for just-in-case situations.


The strength of a Highlander is most on display not when they’re tossing a stone as far as can be, but when they’re living as unapologetically as possible.

Gridiron Works Kilt

This Sport Kilt exclusive tartan features the most eye-popping color in our catalogue, perfect for calling attention to your next caber toss.

Tartan Flashes

Authenticity is the name of the Games, and these accessories let everyone know you’re the real (brave) deal.

Deluxe Black Kilt Hose

Real Highlanders don’t wear socks – they pull up ultra breathable, non-wool kilt hose and pull a rope to tug-of-war victory.


There’s a reason it’s called the running “short” – it just can’t measure up to the breathability of a kilt from the track to the trail.

Hash House Hunting Mini Kilt

Let your legs run free while storing all the essentials in the inside stash pocket of this mini kilt.

Women’s G Tank

Run like a lion is chasing you. Or wear a tank with a lion on it and embody the spirit and speed of the majestic beast. Either way, go fast.

Women’s Performance Undershorts

Because nothing kills the joy of a new PR more than next-day chafe.


When the beat drops or the bagpipes wail, be ready to groove in style with products that let you feel the rhythm.

Budget Belt/Buckle Combo

Keep your kilt hiked up so you never have to awkwardly break from the boogie.

Deluxe Natural Cable Knit Kilt Hose

Traditional Scottish dancing is all about the steps, so make sure your legs are outfitted with comfort that stands tall.

Highlander Shirt Natural

Wear the shirt that turns your band’s jam sesh into a jam extraordinaire.


From the first nock to the upshot, these products let you target in on style whether bow hunting or competing.

Tactical Black Sporran

House your sights and pins in this multi-use pouch designed for discretion.

Ninja Black Specialty Kilt

Game won’t even know you’re playing when you keep it stealthy in this kilt made for high performance hiding.

Thistle Sgian Dubh

Archers are already as sharp as they come. This stainless steel dagger is perfect for cutting serving thread and keeping you on point.


When it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, snag this gear and crack open a beer (or Scotch, or wine, or heck even a refreshing cola – whatever gets you through).

Gordon Comfy Kilt

Your office chair has replaced the barstool as the seat of choice for virtual happy hour’ers. Make it a comfortable sit in this 100% cotton kilt and Slàinte in style.

Tartan Coasters

A glass of Scotch that’s not resting proudly on a super-absorbent, wood-protecting, clan-color-repping coaster might as well be a plastic cup.

Tartan Facemasks

The bravest personal fashion choice you can make, these face coverings are made from the same fabric as our kilts and protect you and others when you venture to the reopened pubs.


Dogs in sweaters? Cute. Dogs in kilts and accessories? Epic. Outfit your pup in the colors of your Clan and put some swag in that tail wag.

Pet Tartan Bandana

The ultimate status symbol for your pooch, these colorful and machine-washable squares help identify your pup as top dog from the park to the trail.

Pet Tartan Bow Tie

Your dog is more than just a good boy. He’s a regal, dignified, and downright distinguished canine who looks great in formal wear.

Baby Kilts

Yes, they’re made for human infants. But we’ve seen plenty of fur babies (and even some bigger cats!) who fit perfectly into these comfy covers.


Some people hang inspirational posters that say things like, “life puts obstacles in your path.” Others crawl on their hands and knees through slop underneath barbed wire. These products are for the second group.

Black Watch Weathered Flashes

Weather the storm and keep your socks standing as tall as you are after scaling a 9 foot Berlin Wall obstacle.

Ultimate Kilt

Custom tailored to your measurements for ultimate comfort and mobility, this premium kilt will keep its place around your waist even during the toughest cargo net climb.

Battle Axe Pin

For those who have been through the mud and back, or those who are about to get dirty for the first time, this pin is a signifier of bravery for the battle ahead.


You can cruise with the peloton, or be brave enough to make a breakaway. No matter how you ride, these products are made to let you show your mettle with every pedal.

Men’s Performance Undershorts

Shorts that are made to protect your seat during the ride, and stay comfy for a run and a swim. Did someone say triathlon?

Turnout Flashes

Heading out for a night ride? Don these neon flashes made with a reflective 3M stripe to stand out in more ways than one.

SAAA Original Sport Kilt

Your whole team can don the official colors of the Scottish American Athletic Association to feel even more epic as you head for the next sprint.


The open road is your domain, and you won’t let your cruise be anything less than epic. Pack this gear for your next ADV trek and let the call of adventure guide your ride.

Noggin’ Wrap

Keep your giant head warm on those chilly mornings, and hide that wild helmet hair when you stop off the road for a break.

Sport Sporran

Just like your bike holds your tent and supplies, our sporrans let you conveniently keep essentials close by so you can soak up the local culture along the journey.

Borealis Hiking Kilt

Your destination is epic, too. Adventure on foot with this durable, lightweight kilt that’s pants, hiking shorts and swim trunks all in one.


Bend the bar on bravery and chase that extra rep in kilts and accessories that help you lift everything in sight, including your spirits.

The Works Kilt

Stacking four plates on the rack? Strong. Showing up to the gym in a kilt that lets everyone know who’s the bench boss? Stronger.

Men’s Performance Undershorts

We’re big proponents of proper squat form, which is why we recommend these 90% polyester shorts for under your kilt.

Tartan Bandana

These other gym jabronis hardly break a sweat. Then there’s you, drenched over the dumbbells. Grab this bandana and keep that noggin dry.


You waited all week for this. You read the scouting reports. You trash talked your rival’s fans on the message boards. And now it’s game day. How are you repping?

The Big Blue Kilt

Wear your team’s colors with pride. Hate that team in blue? We created the Jolly Roger, Red Zone, and Green Zone Original Sport Kilts with all squads in mind.

Kilt Hose – Regular

Feel like you’re about to lace up and take the field yourself in kilt hose that are great for being an athlete in, or just rooting on athletes from your couch.

Noggin Wrap

Not only great for sporting your team’s colors, but the perfect accessory for your after-work intramural squad to show unity.


Be one with Mother Nature by having a sleepover at her place. We’ve got the gear to keep you comfortable under the stars.

The Thiarloch Hiking Kilt

This microfiber kilt feels like boardshorts, breathes like the wind and packs down small like a raisin in trail mix.

Diamond Cuff Forest Green Kilt Hose

Match the colors of the mighty trees standing tall as you keep your little feetsies warm in your tent.

Ghillie Boots

With lightweight rubber soles for sloshing through creek water and stomping out the last embers of your campfire.

Thistle Sgian Dubh

Archers are already as sharp as they come. This stainless steel dagger is perfect for cutting serving thread and keeping you on point.

Multicam Baseball Cap

Serious hikers know the trail is not a place to see or be seen. This hat helps you be one with nature.

Celtic Tri-Knot Hip Flask

The ultimate accessory for carrying a savvy grill master’s favorite marinades.