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Congratulations to our 2019 contest winner

The Story Behind Our Winning Tartan, “Heart Sings”

Hitting All the Right Notes

The motto of the Bluegrass Ceili Academy in Lexington, KY, is “Do what makes your heart sing!” This tartan was created for the Irish dance school to represent the spirit, history and community of the Academy.

Royal blue for the grass found in their old Kentucky home. Green for the land of their ancestors. Black and white for the flag of Sligo, proudly flown to honor their immigrant dance family roots. And an accent of cerulean in memory of a beloved mentor.

What’s Next?

We will be submitting Heart Sings to the Scottish Register of Tartans, where it will enter the official database of designs. We’ll also be producing a select number of Heart Sings tartans to bring this amazing design to life. Thank you to all who submitted!