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Enter our Tartan Contest and you could wear your design!

Scottish tartans have been worn to express family, region or individual pride for nearly 2,000 years. Now you can be a part of history with your own design recognized by the official Scottish Register of Tartans. Feeling creative? Enter our Tartan Contest!

Our team will review all tartan submissions and determine a winner in the first half of May. Then we’ll apply to have your design registered in Scotland using your tartan’s unique “DNA” – its original name and threadcount. After that we’ll produce a real-life, high-tech Hiking Kilt bearing your tartan for you to show off to the world. We can’t wait to see your epic designs!

How To Enter:

Step 1

Design your tartan by clicking the button below. Be inspired by colors that represent what’s important to you, or go wild with combinations the world has never seen before. Play around with patterns, thread-counts and more. 

Step 2

Take a screenshot of your tartan and thread count. Don’t know how to take a screenshot? We have you covered, click the button below to learn.

Step 3

Scroll down on this page (or click the “enter” button), and Click the UPLOAD button below and upload it to the contest. Be sure to name your tartan (important!) and include the story behind your design. You can check the official Registry to see if your tartan’s name is already taken. (*Please Note: Your tartan name is subject to change based on availability*)

Step 4

Scroll down (or click the “gallery” button) and check out other designs in our gallery below. Share your submission with friends and family on your social channels. Make sure to tag Sport Kilt and use #clanbrave