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Meet our Winter Ambassador:

Illustration of Santa

Santa MacLaus

  • World traveler
  • 2x list checker
  • Polar Games Athlete
Text showing "When I'm tip toein on house tops and shimmiyin down narrow chimneys, I need a wardrobe that performs"

When Nicholas “Santa” MacLaus shows up at a Polar Games competition, it’s hard not to notice. From his signature beard to the ring ting tingling of the bells on his sleigh, the other athletes know – when MacLaus arrives, it’s about to get jolly tough.

MacLaus holds multiple records in the tree toss, heavy bag lift, sleigh pull (assisted), and biscuit eating content. No matter the event, MacLaus spends the year studying his opponents to gain an edge.

“I see them when they’re sleeping, so that’s when I’m trainin’,” says Santa. “No days off in my workshop.” For added motivation, MacLaus keeps a secret list of other athletes, working extra hard to defeat the ones he knows to have been “naughty.”

Despite his ultra-competitive nature, MacLaus is passionate about giving back. He’s earned a loyal following that makes him one of the most sought-after personalities at the Games, often spending 8-10 hours a day taking pictures with fans. “Just want to show that I’m real, y’know? I’m a real guy with a real heart and real big calves.”

By night, MacLaus works in the shipping and logistics industry, circumnavigating the globe to deliver personally-crafted wishlist items. It’s a demanding job, one that requires nearly impossible stealth, dexterity, and precision, and MacLaus credits his success to Sport Kilt.

“When I’m tip toein’ on housetops and shimmyin’ down narrow chimneys, I need a wardrobe that performs,” says MacLaus. “It was hard for me to feel like the proper athlete I am in a bulky red suit and pants. The lightweight material in Sport Kilt allows me to focus on what’s in my sack and not worry about stirring any creatures due to a lack of mobility.”

The kilts and accessories that make Santa MacLaus so comfortable under and above the tree are available to you all year long.

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