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The Works Kilt

“The Works Kilt” is our world-famous Sport Kilt with three custom options already included.

The Works Sport Kilt for Men Includes:

  • Sewn Down Pleats
  • Leather Buckle Straps
  • Fringed opening edge panel

Please note: We always do our best to meet your deadline for your tailor-made kilt. When choosing custom options like sewn-down pleats, belt loops, leather buckle straps, fringe, or pockets, please allow 3-5 business days  for production  * Anything with a longer Custom Hem Length will take about 1-2 weeks to build* (if item is not in stock as well)

The material is our exclusive Sport Kilt poly-blend, machine washable, hypo-allergenic, non-wool, non-itchy fabric, that holds a crisp pleat well. Each kilts features our secure velcro closure, and elastic in the waistband for comfort and fit, with just a bit of give. Every Works Kilt has a hidden, 5×6″ inch stash pocket inside the front panel.

Size Small is $89.50, Medium is $99.50, Medium-Long and Large is $109.50, XL is $119.50 and XXL is $129.50. prices vary because we use an additional yard of material for each increase in size.

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