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We’ve made some crazy, off-the-wall stuff in addition to making cool kilts and accessories for the last 24 years.  Here you’ll find some of our current offerings.

Back in the day, we had one t-shirt, it was our logo with the word “Freedom” on the back.  It was quite popular, and we may bring it back for our 25th anniversary in 2021.

Our newest line of Scotland apparel is a distressed plaid lion on a super soft cotton shirt. The Fire Lion, Fierce Kelly, Thin Blue Lion, and Phoenix Lion shirts all feature this design in different colorways.  Definitely our go-to shirt at the Sport Kilt HQ.

Kilts are a great way to show off your patches from your adventures and achievements. We’ve been making a series of Highland accessories for the last few years. Available in the beginning of the year, and throughout Summer, these are often given away as prizes at Highland Games, or sold individually to those who collect patches on their kilts.

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