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Tartan Facemask



These tartan face masks are made from the same durable, comfortable and breathable material as our non-wool kilts, 65/35 poly/rayon, with an added 65/35 cotton/poly liner pocket. Mask measures 4.5-5″ tall from the bottom of the chin to top of the nose. One size fits most.  All of our mask mailers have a pull tab – no need to use scissors or knives and risk cutting through the mask or elastic.


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If you’re brave enough to wear a kilt, you’re brave enough to wear a tartan face mask. These face covers are made from the same durable, comfortable and breathable material as our kilts – in fact, we’re using every last piece of the cloth left over from the kilt making process to manufacture these masks.

Each cloth tartan face mask comes with a filter pocket. You can use it as a cloth mask just the way it is, buy filter material online, or use a coffee filter or a napkin, or tissue.  While we don’t make any medical claims about these cloth masks, we do know that any mask is better than no mask at all.  These can also be used as covers over existing masks for added protection and style.

We tested many samples before settling on this design.  The elastic around the head is more comfortable than around the ears, and also allows you to pull down the mask and it will hang around your neck, instead of having to place it somewhere when not in use.

These masks are way more stylish than most cloth masks, and make a thoughtful gift for friends and family. * please note this product/item is non-returnable/refundable* OSFM (One size fits most).


96 reviews for Tartan Facemask

  1. Richard Friedler (verified owner)

    These have been amazing!
    My spouse & I am excited to have more options!

    Thank you for adding a bit to their size, as a taller individual, I appreciate it.

    In the photo, you will notice my mask (black bands) that has been worn and hand washed repeatedly through out the last year.
    The purple with white straps is the new one.
    The four masks are for my spouse, who said the colors look even better in person then in my photo.

  2. Roger N.

    We have four of these, two in the Irish tartan and two in the Douglas tartan. We have multiple masks from different sources, but these are the ones I wear. I hate the masks that go over the ears, as I don’t like the pressure on my ears. The masks with ear loops are either to small and pull on my ears, or they fall off. I love the dual straps that go around my head. The pockets on ours work fine, and we have washed them with no problems. Good quality, nice design, and good fit. Great job.

  3. Mary Gunn Wakeman (verified owner)

    Love it! Especially since no one around has one like it. Light weight, soft material, comfortable, and although I like behind the ear bands, I find head band style useful. I think I have a smaller head. Have to use a “pinch” clip to tight bottom band. Noticed a promo code, so ordering another 🙂 a good find, Thank you.

  4. Christa Killgore (verified owner)

    I wanted to love these, but I can’t. Out of three masks, only one is wearable. The others, the inside liner is cut larger than the outside tartan and so it bunches up over the mouth and nose when you try to wear it making it extremely difficult to breath. The only one that was cut correctly and comfortable to wear, I wore it twice. The second time wearing it I had it on less than a half hour and the elastic band detached. It wasn’t sewn to the mask properly and detached after only one full day of wear. 🙁 I really really wanted to love these, and sport my tartan masks. Unfortunately, after spending almost $50 on three masks, I got just under 9 hours of usage from them. 🙁 I tried contacting Sport Kilt as well, with no response back. I wanted to give them a chance to respond before leaving a negative review. I would caution to just be weary. Seems like you have a chance at getting one cut well, though their response to someone else was variation happens on their production floor. If you get a well-made mask, these are great. Unfortunately, that was not my experience.

    • sportkilt

      Hi Christa, we reached out to you a couple times, but haven’t heard back. Feel free to try contacting us again!

  5. iampaulwallace (verified owner)

    The first mask I received was way too small. So I expressed my displeasure and was sent a replacement mask free of charge that fits much better. Thank you for making it right!

  6. Devil Doc

    Nice mask, a little small for me but for someone it fit better I think it would be a great everyday mask.

  7. Nancy Johnson (verified owner)

    Great quality, but one size does not fit all – especially with a bushy beard!
    Please add a larger size.

  8. michael Bruce smith (verified owner)

    Super masks kilt bros — could you make a style with the ear loop style – I have ordered several in the Smith tartan and have gotten lots of attention – really need the ear loop style if you can do it !!

    • sportkilt

      Glad you like our masks and you got lots of compliments! We’re going to stick with the head-loop pattern because that’s what we like, but there are some other companies importing tartan masks with ear loops now.

  9. Cal in Maine (verified owner)

    VERY happy with the masks we bought. I ordered three custom tartans and four more misc to cover the whole family, and all of them are of wonderful quality. Love the soft fabric – and they’re holding up very well after several washings. I find my red mask to be comfortable while providing full coverage. I’ll be back to order more! Keep up the great work, and thank you!

  10. Patrick Ouellette (verified owner)

    Mask seems to be made of good quality materials. Center seam of the tartan mask could have been centered better and matched better. A bit small from top to bottom for me, makes it difficult to speak withou the mask pulling down. Mine measured a little over 5 inches tall at the center. I probably need something 5.5 inches or so.

  11. Eric Politzer (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for making these masks. They are very comfortable and look great. My caveats are: the are a bit on the small size, they aren’t as breathable as other non-medical masks I have bought, and they shrink if you put them in the dryer so you might want to hand dry. Still overall quite happy with them.

  12. William Puchert (verified owner)

    On behalf of many of my fellow Nevada Celts, we would like to thank Sport Kilt for designing a mask with our Nevada State Tartan similar to the one our Governor Steve Sisolak was recently wearing. The fabric from Sport Kilt is much more superior and displays the colors much richer. Several of us wear our Nevada State Tartan to seep our fellow Nevadans safe and to show our pride in the Silver State!

  13. paige.haggett (verified owner)

    Great masks! I prefer ear loop style so I cut the elastics and tied and it fits me better that way than having the elastic around the head.

  14. Jeremy A Anderson

    Wow! Ordered middle of the day on the 18th, got it in the middle of the day on the 20th! Crazy fast! The mask itself is awesome! Fits great, looks great, and placing a filter media is super easy. My only issue was the lack of a bendable material to fit it to the nose, but insolve that with a couple pipe cleaners and some 3M Redline tape in the pocket. Love this mask, thanks sport kilt!

  15. Bill Murray (verified owner)

    Ordered the Marine Corps tartan, and it was delivered within 10 days. Much better than any other mask order with other companies. Quality of the mask is great, and we’re very pleased with the product. Wish there was a Murray tartan available!

  16. Debra Casalaspro Couls

    I love the plaid variety to chose from if not from a specific clan. However it would be nice to put a pleat or two on the mask to enhance breath exchange while wearing. Mine just fits my face and hard to breath while walking (my state requires masks while out in public). The pleats would allow for more of a fit for different facial features. I guess that would be machine made like the kilts? I bought 4 and they vary a bit in length. I thank you for making masks:))))

  17. Grant Cook (verified owner)

    Nice fabric, shipment came quickly, and well made. There is some variability in their production – I ordered two masks, and one dimension, the side length of the mask, differed by 1/2″ of an inch or so. The mask I like a lot (a Gordon tartan), that fit well, was 3″ on the side, the other shorter (see image). It made a difference. Its probably a personal thing, but I liked the more generous fit much more. I asked their support team if the fuller fit was their intended cut length, and was told they can’t control that. So I am hesitant to order a few more.

    • sportkilt

      We do experience some variation between production runs due to the pattern being cut and sewn by hand, and we will pay more attention to the height of the mask along the sides. The most important dimension is the chin to nose, which we are making slightly taller now to accommodate most larger faces, while still fitting smaller faces comfortably.

  18. Scott Dula (verified owner)

    I absolutley love my tartan mask. It is very comfortable and it helps me represent my Clan while working in the hospital. Thank you Sport Kilt for a wonderful product!

  19. Kim Roberts

    Received my Weathered Lindsay (not Lindsey) Tartan mask in Thursday’s mail. Would easily be a five star product if the nose are were just a wee bit bigger/deeper. Constantly feels like it’s going to either fall off my nose or flatten it but on the whole…I like it. Would love to see a new and improved version in Modern & Ancient Lindsay.

  20. Colleen Nutter (verified owner)

    Thank you so for making these awesome face masks! After we got our first order, we loved the design and placed 3 more orders to ship to family. Everyone loves them. I have a few I rotate… very comfortable and fit great. These are the only masks we have, so really appreciate the hard work and long hours in getting them out! I never thought I’d like wearing a mask, but I like wearing these!

  21. Chris

    Great quality as to be expected. The only thing that would make them even better, maybe a standard size and an “xl” to compensate for a beard. Regardless, it’s a 5 star product!

  22. Wendy (verified owner)

    Love these!!! Fits perfectly, lower elastic just hangs but my daughter hooked hers over her ponytail and it works fine! Received compliments today in the supermarket. with the 2 layers on it and social distancing didn’t think to put a filter in it…(also didn’t see that on the description until now) I have the MacPherson, New World and Royal Purple masks.

  23. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    The masks look great, but they are a bit small for my face. I wish there was a larger size and that there was a wire to form the mask around my nose so my glasses don’t fog. My wife is enjoying the masks and I am still searching for a larger option.

  24. M. Norman (verified owner)

    Works well enough and is a little bit cooler than the one I had my wife make for me, a difference which I will certainly come to appreciate as summer arrives here in SoCal. One reason for that is because it isn’t flannel-lined nor does it have three layers like my homemade one. The fit is about as well as is to be expected for something that’s supposed to work for a wide range of people, but it’s a tad smaller than my homemade one too, so it doesn’t go quite as far down my chin. Nevertheless, the elastic bands were able to keep it snug enough on my face by tying them off. I did also appreciate that they’re smaller after wearing it for awhile and they blend it better since they’re black. Finally, the California tartan looks great.

  25. Dave (verified owner)

    Comfortable and fits well. The only downside is that I wish they had lined up the tartan lines at the middle seam

  26. John K.

    My advice to anyone who got an undesired tartan (pink maybe), is try it on inside-out and if that works use a wide Sharpie on the outside edges and let it air out before wearing. The middle seam is actually less annoying that way.

    • sportkilt

      Hi John – that’s why we’re no longer doing random tartan masks, it was great to get some out fast, but too hard for us to guess which tartan our customers might like. They do make great gifts, and I know a lot of people like the Pink Stewart tartan!

  27. Ray Barley (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased six masks in various tartans so far–three for my Irish fiancée and three for myself. As we’re both “essential” employees, our masks are used for hours each day; this makes comfort especially important and I find the “around-the-head” strap design far more comfortable than the “over-the-ear” type. Also, they seem to be holding up well to the daily routine of washing/scrubbing/drying necessary to keep them fit for wear the next day. So far, washing in very hot water hasn’t seemed to harm the fabric at all. Coupling all this with the fact that they look great and allow me to flaunt my Scottish-Irish ancestry a bit, I have to give this product five stars.

  28. Anne Dugan (verified owner)

    Great fit and very comfortable. MacNaughtan Clan proud!!

  29. Rev. Tom Harbold

    Isn’t muzzling the clergy counter to the First Amendment…? 😏 Kidding aside, this is my mask in Clergy tartan – which, being an Anglican clergyman, I was thrilled to find! And MAJOR kudos to y’all for doing this. It’s an awesome contribution to the general good! That said, as others have mentioned, it’s a little small for my face. An extra half-inch-to-inch of material, top-to-bottom, would help a lot. And, yes, the inner layer bunches up a bit, even without added filter. Also, I would recommend ties, if possible, as elastic can stretch or wear out, and of course some people have smaller heads. Just a few hopefully constructive suggestions for the future, as I really appreciate what you’re doing with this! God bless!

  30. Kevin Griffins (verified owner)

    Love, love, love it. I like the design with the straps over the back of the head NOT the ears. Tartan matches my kilt perfectly.

  31. Keith Anderson (verified owner)

    Two week delivery window, arriving today. Stitching looks good though, as others have mentioned, would have liked it a bit longer. Feels like it wants to “ride up” (Are you Being Served? fans will appreciate that). With a filter insert, it will probably be adequate and provide enough social assurance for public outings.

  32. David Robertson (verified owner)

    Just received my family’s tartan mask. The quality of sewing is excellent and I like the filter pouch. With my glasses I think I would prefer ear loops. I can’t believe the speed of fulfillment given your workload. Thanks for an excellent product.

  33. Glen Mulkey (verified owner)

    I picked up one for me and one for my girlfriend. I have a HUGE head (Size 8/XXL). The elastic fits my head quite well, which I was shocked at. The nose to chin height is right on the edge – if I was talking all day, I wouldn’t suggest it. My girlfriend has a pretty small head, the mask part fits great but the elastic was really long. For now she’s tying it on and I’m getting slide toggles to add on.

    Is it perfect? No. Is it better than a hanky? Hell yes. I just bought two more for backups since I have to go back to work full time.

  34. Glenn Johnston (verified owner)

    I received 4 masks in a reasonable amount of time. They are acceptable for a backup, but a few flaws make me wary of using them for a full day working in a grocery store. First, they do not match the pictures on the website. The pictures clearly show the masks angle up towards the bridge of the nose, where the masks I received are cut straight across the top. When worn this allows a gap between the nose and the cheeks where there is no protection. I’ll have to try to put some sort of bendable wire between the layers of the mask to help make a tighter seal. Compounding the gap problem is that the mask just barely covers both my chin and nose. Another quarter to half inch of material would be about right at least in my case. The last issue was the lower strap was too long and did not pull the lower part of the mask tight against my chin. I tied a simple not in the lower strap and easily fixed that problem.

    Other than these issues the masks are good looking, well cut and sewn, and seem sturdy.

    • sportkilt

      Hi Glenn ~ You may have the mask on upside-down, the flat part goes on the bottom and sits at your chin, and the “pointy” part goes up around your nose. Hopefully that helps with the fittins issues you’re having, if not, send a picture to orders@sportkilt.com and we’ll see what we can do for you.

  35. Lou (verified owner)

    Desperately need a mask to wear to work. Can’t find a good solution anywhere. The bandana/coffee filter/rubber band contraption I’m using is destroying the back of my ears. Ordered 2 random tartans to rotate wear/ clean thinking I might get them sooner if I didn’t specify a color. I’m an average size male – no bigger than the guys in your pictures – but the 2 that I received don’t reach from my nose to my chin. Also, there are 68 different tartan colors, so what are the odds I’d get the only color I didn’t want – the hot pink tartan? Yup, I got one of the two with the hot pink tartan. Back to square one. Guys be warned, these are great for women. Might it work for men.

  36. Ferris Fleming (verified owner)

    Excellent masks! Very comfortable and we get to show off The Plaid. I’m sending one to my son on Florida and my daughter in Guam.

  37. Suz

    Love the effort, and was so excited when they arrived, but the way these are sewn/designed means my masks are emergency backups only, if that. Way too large, they don’t fit well, and if you have long, thick hair, you’ll definitely have to wear a pony; even then the mask mostly just falls off. Maybe should stick with sizing and over-the-ear design.

    • sportkilt

      So there are two ways to tighten the elastic bands if yours is too loose, one way is to double the elastic strands and tie overhand knots, the other way is to cut the elastic in the middle and re-tie to take out some elastic.

  38. Chuck (verified owner)

    excellent mask! this mask is so much more breathable and form fitting; and doesn’t fog up my glasses.

  39. Erik Adams

    I am very happy with my mask. I am now able to represent my Clan MacDonald when I am out and about. Had to wait a while for it, but it is worth the wait. Great product that is made well. Thank you Sport Kilt. Thank you for also supporting our first responders.

  40. Joelle Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    So grateful for Sport Kilt and the masks they are making! My mother bought 6 for her, my dad and my adult brother to use and I bought 4 for my husband, 10 year old, 11 year old and myself. The masks fit us all perfectly. My 10 year old is more on the petite side (size of an 8 year old) and all I had to do was tie the elastic in a knot to fit his head better. Hope they come out with children sizes soon for my toddler children. Will definitely buy again if and when needed. Highly recommend.

  41. Keith Smith (verified owner)

    Worthless for an Adult
    These masks are nowhere near the size shown in the online pictures. I ordered three in Royal Tartan on April 8, 2020. Completely worthless for an adult–they do not cover my nose and chin because they are so small.

    • sportkilt

      Hi Keith ~ it’s possible we didn’t sew your masks to spec, since they seem to fit the vast majority of our customers. Feel free to reach out to orders@sportkilt.com and we’ll see if we can help.

  42. James Wallace

    Love it, came quicker than expected. Only issue was the size. A little small of us large headed individuals. Looks great on the wife though so she got a new mask. Thank you for all you are doing. Cheers.

  43. Rama D Dowsett (verified owner)

    We ordered 4 masks on April 3rd, and received them on April 25th. With the number of orders its understandable that it took awhile to get them. However, we ordered 4 masks, and 3 of them were too small to fit an adults face. The materi was cut so small that it either reached from the middle of the nose to the bottom lip, or chin line to the bottom of the nose. Considering there are only 2 adults in the house, this actually turned out to be a waste of money. They look great, just wish they would have worked for us.

  44. Carmen Poff (verified owner)

    I came to update my original review of my first mask but can’t find it….anyhow the 1st mask I ordered wasn’t made correctly and is pretty small – if I’m wearing it I can’t talk or it rides up exposing my mouth. I contacted customer service and they sent me a new one right away and the new one is awesome, fit is perfect, and I couldn’t ask for better customer service. Thank you again!

  45. Barbara S. (verified owner)

    Kudos to Sport Kilt for supporting our first responders. We have been customers of your business for many years and were very excited to be able to order functional, stylish masks from you. You did not disappoint. Your masks are well made, washable, stylish, and allow for the insertion of a medical grade filter. Thank you for joining the fight!

  46. Daryn

    The masks are made with good materials, the issue I have is with my 3, the fabric of the pocket is looser than the fabric of the outside cloth. This makes it so that when worn properly, the fabric bunches up over your nose/mouth and is uncomfortable. It is even worse with a filter in the mask. Because the outside of the mask is tighter, it is far more comfortable to be worn backwards with the pocket side out, but the pockets are made with a different material so then I don’t have the tartan I wanted.

    Aside from this, I really appreciate the updates. The wait wasn’t long and the near daily communication had me rooting for the team every day.

  47. Greg Smith (verified owner)

    Received my maks today. Thank you. No surprise these are made to the same fine standards as my kilts. Represent your clan in style. Well worth the wait!

  48. John K. (verified owner)

    I ordered 6 standard (black mask like in the website photo) and 6 random tartans that came with them. Where I work I can’t wear tartans. All that I received were 6 “tartans”; one of which is more of an electric paisley.

    • sportkilt

      Hi John, random tartans are just that, random. The photo in the main image is the Law Enforcement tartan, which is primarily a navy blue background, with white royal blue, and red stripes running through it. We’ve never had a “standard” black option, but may add solid black as a custom option in the future.

  49. William Dade (verified owner)

    I already have a Sport Kilt and was happy to see the masks for sale. I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy a matching tartan mask.kudos to you for providing masks to those who need tgem most!

  50. Brian (verified owner)

    Received my 1st order today, 2x custom 2x random. All great, the randoms will be a donation. My 2nd order (about 2weeks our), for 10 custom, 1 for me, 9 donation. My area won’t peak until mid June, but realize will be wearing a mask all summer.

  51. Jeff (verified owner)

    First things first. Huge kudos to this company for their efforts in supporting first responders. I had pretty high hopes for these masks. To be fair, that is a compliment as I have ordered other items from SportKilt and have absolutely loved them. So, it’s not that I had an unjust high expectation, it is that I anticipated a really great product. I actually placed a second order without even seeing these, that’s how confident I am/was. I think the masks are neat. They have a cool look. The quality of material is great. They perform their function. But, I think they could be better. I don’t particularly care for the fit of these masks. Other masks I’ve worn wrap below the chin for full coverage. I feel like the bottom of my chin is exposed, which make it feel like it’s riding up to closely to my mouth. A little more material extending below the jawline would make a big difference. I like the contoured shape and fit around the nose. The shape of the mask does make it a little more challenging to place an additional filter barrier in the mask, compared to a straight rectangular shaped cookie cutter mask. Seems like a simple rectangular filter shape is easiest to insert, but it can leave the nose pocket unfiltered. All of this being said, I DO think these masks are a very good option, especially considering how quickly the company is turning these around and the causes they are supporting. They’re stylish. I received a compliment the first day I wore it. Lots of positives to note. Please don’t take my comments as me bashing the product. I just wanted to provide some honest, constructive feedback. Big thank you to all of the factory workers that are continuing to work so hard on filling these orders!

    • sportkilt

      Hi Jeff, thanks for the feedback. We are constantly improving our products, and appreciate your input!

  52. Scott Carson (verified owner)

    My random order of 3 masks arrived on Saturday. I already own a bunch of sportkilts, and I know it was a random selection, but I got masks that matched kilts I have – California, New World Celts, and Red Zone. I gave the Red Zone mask to my GF – she has plenty of disposables as well – and logged on tonight and ordered another 2 in Gridzone (Hawkeyes baby) and Jolly Roger (cuz we all gotta go arrgghhh) – I have those tartans as well. I’m still staying home as much as possible here in California, but I still have to pump gas, and go to the store. I am fortunate to be teleworking, and I’m telling everyone I know to grab a few of these masks from you guys and keep a small business busy! Thank you so much!

  53. Baker Ring (verified owner)

    Ordered two masks, 1 random and o St. Patrick, to match one of my kilts. Good quality and look good, too.

  54. Leighton Gould (verified owner)

    Recieved my California Tartan mask today, you did well, as always. The much needed ray of sunshine in my world. No Highland Games to look forward to. Bought my first Sport Kilt when you first started business. Now a proud owner of 5 + kilts. Thanks again for doing the job well.

  55. Michael Burns (verified owner)

    Recieved our Clan Campbell marks today right before our weekly essentials outing. Impressed with thickness and pocket for filtering materials. Immediately ordered 2 more (firefighter tartan cuz retired ff married to a risk manager). Quality nice. Acceptable facial coverage. Thank you guys. My next kilt purchase will be from Sport Kilt.

  56. Tony Perry (verified owner)

    These are Awesome and fit great, even with my beard, thank you!

  57. Brian (verified owner)

    My 1st order will arrive next week. My 2nd order today 2-3 weeks out, 1 for myself, 9 as a gift for my friends. “Grid Iron” are Hawkeye colors. I face reality, we will/should wear face masks until there is a vaccine.

  58. Richard Sanders (verified owner)

    I received my 2 random and 1 army tartan mask yesterday, almost 2 weeks, and that wasn’t a problem. I received quality over quantity, which is very good. I gave one random mask to my friend who is a nurse and he was very happy with the look and quality of it. He doesn’t wear a kilt but likes the mask and that it has a pocket in it to put more protection. These mask are outstanding and very stylish. I’m proud to have these mask and the army mask goes very nice with my army kilt. I own several Sport Kilts. Thank you Sport Kilt you do an outstanding job for everyone. You guys stay safe!

  59. Bradley Mahlum (verified owner)

    These are extremely comfortable to wear and look great! I have gotten a number of inquiries where I got them and send people your way. I have 3 random I rotate and am waiting on my 2 customs to match my 2 kilts I primarily wear

  60. Rick

    Ordered the random tartans so we could get them quickly and am not disappointed. They real well and they look great! Thank you! Wanted to get a pic of the family togeather but wasn’t able.

  61. William Puchert (verified owner)

    I received my MacDonald Tartan Mask earlier this week and I love it! I am pairing it with your matching Skull Cap and I found my inner “MacDonald Ninja Warrior” (Campbells Beware!) I admire how you first took care of your police department in your community before your customers and how you have found a way to keep your employees working during these uncertain times. I am sharing your product among all my fellow Celtic friends far and wide.

  62. Jared Smart (verified owner)

    Great mask. I really like the design you chose, my hepa filter fits perfect. Luceo non uro!

  63. Jared Smart (verified owner)

    Thanks for the mask, it was greatly appreciated. And the design you chose was the right one. Luceo non uro!

  64. Brian

    Looks great will get the job done and look good to.

  65. Paul C. (verified owner)

    Ordered custom mask on the 4th received it today. I’m pretty happy. Fast service great product. Thank you for what your doing. Plus making wearing a mask stylish. Btw I never do product or company reviews that’s how happy I am with my mask.

  66. Carol Greene (verified owner)

    We Love our masks and can’t wait to get the other two. …and the smell good too. You guys are awesome!!
    People ask us where we got them so you may get more orders from NY.
    Thank you again and hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.

  67. Charles Sosinski (verified owner)

    Masks are very comfortable, fit well and look great!

  68. Jason Woodford (verified owner)

    The FaceKilt! Looking forward to getting mine when you can. Thanks for supporting frontline workers and keeping the kilted looking brilliant!

  69. Donald Pillsbury (verified owner)

    Received mine today. Thank you very much! It looks and fits great! Really appreciate all you’ve done to get it out (and to me) as quickly as possible. Pretty incredible the timing of your initial email and the subsequent onslaught of orders. Thank you for keeping your website updated with progress. Most appreciated. Best wishes!

  70. Lewis “Lefty” Leftwich (verified owner)

    First, thanks for supporting your local Police Department. I ordered three tartan face mask when I first got the e-mail notification that your company was manufacturing the masks and received them within two weeks. Thanks. The mask are comfortable to wear and look awesome. Got it yesterday and wearing it today.

  71. Christopher Seay (verified owner)

    Thank you for helping us help them.

  72. Chris Purtell (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with my order. Received in a very reasonable considering the high demand. Knowing that there are masks being donated, I would have waited longer. Excellent quality and they look great. Thanks for all you do!

  73. William Main (verified owner)

    Received my random tartan mask today, it’s fantastic! Fits over my nose well enough that I don’t fog my glasses, which is a plus. My only question is, what’s my tartan? 🙂 Thanks!

  74. John Bunch (verified owner)

    Ordered 6 masks April 3rd, Order still “processing”……

    • sportkilt

      Your order shipped today, thanks for your patience!

  75. Brian (verified owner)

    I haven’t received mine yet, but am sure I will be happy with. I am not front line, I am secondary at the major hospital in my area, Friday was given a face shield for work, have a small box of disposable for outside workplace. I am over 60 & diabetic. Looking forward to receiving my masks.

  76. Christopher Caruana (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with the overall quality of these masks. They’re really put together well, and they fit great.

    I wanted to wash them, but was unsure if they’d shrink, so I took one and ran it through the wash with some other items on the hot water setting. When the cycle was done, I retrieved the mask and was delighted to find that not only had it not shrunk, but it didn’t need to go through the dryer. The spin cycle of the washer took enough moisture out of the mask that it just needed to air dry for about 30 minutes. Great job, guys! #StayStrong!

  77. Ron Norman (verified owner)

    I ordered my make with the random tartan and it came quickly (I ordered mine minutes after receiving the email announcing them). It fits well and is certainly made to the high quality that your kilts are made. I also bought a shirt for food measure. Thanks for what you do and stay safe!

  78. Christopher Caruana (verified owner)

    You guys rock! Thank you for this service. You’re doing what our government either can’t or won’t. #StaySafe!

  79. Aneisha Furgason

    I just want to say THANK YOU to the company and the production team for taking the time out of your lives and making the masks. Ya’ll could have stuck with the people that you knew, but instead, are sharing the wealth. I am personally grateful in what you guys are doing. 🙂

  80. Eric Love (verified owner)

    Thanks for all the effort you put in making these masks. I understand the demand and the delay. I ordered two and paid for two day delivery. After reading the messages and your update, I will get two day delivery once the masks are made so it may be a few more days. Is that correct? I can be patient. I have loved everything I have ever bought from you and I am excited to receive the masks. Keep up the great work.

    • sportkilt

      Yes, that is correct, we’re making our custom tartan masks in batches by tartan, so we don’t always have all 70 tartans in stock all the time. As soon as your custom tartan mask is ready, we ship it out with the shipping method you selected. Thanks for your patience while we work hard to get these out!

  81. Jacob Holland (verified owner)

    Sportkilt delivers yet again! Great job, the family loves the masks. Great quality in record time.

  82. Michael Sohns (verified owner)

    Just received mine. Thanks! The masks are of the same quality as their kilts (sew and material). Thanks again!

  83. Donald Harper

    Good on you for supporting the local first responders!
    As an ex-Utahan and longtime kilted runner, I’m happy to support you and spread the word. I am sure these will be just as nice as my kilts (4 and counting….)
    Stay safe!

  84. Michael Harvey (verified owner)

    As a firefighter I am super happy you guy are doing your part to support emergency responders. I will let the guys at my department know about your awesome face masks.

  85. Tom Hanna (verified owner)

    I’ve had masks on backorder elsewhere since March 12. I saw your email and ordered in April 3 with two day shipping. Now it looks like you are backordered as well. Very disappointing.

    • sportkilt

      Hi Tom, Thanks for your order with us. We are we doing our best to get these masks made and out the door. We even went to the extent to hire new employees to meet the demand, and are working double-time. we completely understand the priority of everyone needing their masks – we are doing our best to make that happen. we appreciate your support – all we ask is for patience during these times.

  86. Hunter (verified owner)

    I have been following Sport Kilt and sporting multiple kilts from you guys since visiting your warehouse in Long Beach more than 10 years ago. I miss being able to go by the warehouse, but still love what you guys are doing! I can’t wait to get my masks and I will be passing on the memo about your masks. Keep up the great work.

  87. Michelle B. (verified owner)

    I’m happy to see you’re doing this! We ordered our tartan face masks as soon as I saw the announcement. My kiddo (30) is high-risk (currently awaiting a kidney transplant) and has to wear a mask to be out in the public and I work for DoD and as someone else stated, it is now mandatory if you’re on base. We’ll be rocking the family tartan every day soon as well as during our heavy athletic events!

  88. Rick –

    First off, you guys are awesome! Based on Tim’s comment… The military would benefit. SECDEF recently (yesterday) stated that all personnel on a DOD installation will wear a face mask at all times when they cannot maintain 6 foot of separation in public or work areas (includes military personnel, DOD civilians, contractors, family members etc).

    Not sure how the military would feel about guys wearing plaid but since you have military service specific plaids maybe they won’t care. The memo didn’t specify what colors could or could not be worn.

    My wife and I both work on a base. She is considered essential… I get to telecommute and we are users of the commissary etc. We are buying 4 masks (wife technically needs one for her shift tonight… just got the new requirement today).

  89. William Enfinger

    A word for users: this a GREAT design, especially with the pocket. But make sure you are using a proper material inside: high thread-count dense cotton in 2 layers is a great solution and easy to come by (either quilters cotton or a few pieces of a very high quality thread-count sheet). Despite the new CDC guidelines, the best use of a mask is to prevent you from sharing your sneeze and cough. IF you want filtration you have to use a good filter, right? Vanderbilt and Kaiser Permanente have mentioned the use of cotton layers. Even if you use HEPA cloth or a non-fiberglass HVAC filter, if it’s not sewn into the edges and completely sealing your face it won’t be effective. **DON’T GIVE IN TO FALSE SECURITY** Seamus and crew have a brilliant mask here, make sure to utilize it correctly 😀

    Wash yer hands, dinna touch your face, stay safe and kilted!

  90. Matt Kennedy

    Do you have Kennedy tartan for mask?

    • sportkilt

      The only tartans available at the moment are the 60 or so listed in the drop down menu. We’re using tartan material we have on hand to speed up the process.

  91. Stanford Oliver (verified owner)

    Greetings from Dallas. I had ordered the Clan Fraser tartan mask. Can you please use your website to keep us up to date on the status of just when you’ll be finished with your donation project for your local police? We are all VERY interested & hopeful to get these tartan masks. You are … so to speak … victims of your own creativity! BTW, thanks for taking care of your local police officers! Do you have a tartan honoring the police, i.e. “The Thin Blue Line”? Thanks for your service.

    • sportkilt

      We will post regular updates here, since we may not be able to respond to each customer individually at this time. We are donating masks in the Law Enforcement tartan to our police department.

  92. Robin Elliott

    You guys rock. Can I get one with Elliott tartan, I’d like 2 please.

    • sportkilt

      I wish we had the Elliott tartan in stock, unfortunately it’s not one we have on hand at the moment.

  93. Patrick Stetson (verified owner)

    Thank you I’m a truck driver delivering medical supplies and parts. This is perfect for people who don’t like to stand 6 feet back and trap me in the trailer that way.

  94. Steve Carruthers

    You folks are awesome!! Good on ya for the mask donations.
    I’d like to order a mask in the Carruthers tartan if you have it. It’s very similar to the Bruce.

  95. Tim

    I’ve been wearing my Sportkilt with pride for years. How about you raise the price a little and for every one you sell you make 2 and donate the other to caregivers? That way we can protect our families and essential workers as well.

    • sportkilt

      That’s a great suggestion. After we finish making our donation to our local Police, we will be looking for other groups that would benefit from having these.

  96. Steve Carruthers

    Do you have the Carruthers or Bruce tartan? If not, Stewart Black.

    • sportkilt

      We do have the Stewart Black tartan in stock, and we can definitely make you a mask using that tartan.

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