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Women's Kilts

Women’s Sport Kilts are great for any occasion you want to wear a kilt for freedom and comfort.

We have a few female kilt models to choose from depending on the occasion. The main four women’s kilts are the Sport Kilt, Mini Kilt, Ultimate Kilt, and Kilted Skirt.

All of our women’s kilts for sale can be customized by our expert craftswomen, such as; adding belt loops, leather buckle straps with metal buckles, fringe, sewn-down pleats, and even pockets! We can also give the female kilts a custom length.

If you’re unsure about what size to get, give us a call, we can measure you over the phone with a few questions.

The Women’s Sport Kilt usually drops down to the top of the knee, and is great for a casual round of golf, a party, or even some sporting events.

The Mini Kilt is great for running, highland games, or any other athletic activity where you may want to have the maximum range of motion, or just want to cover up your Performance Undershorts.

The Women’s Ultimate Kilt is tailor made to your waist, hip and length measurements, and hangs on your body like a fitted dress would.  Because it is made to your specs, there is no elastic in the waistband, so it is more made to fit your exact measurements.  Still a great choice for outdoor activities as well as formal occasions.

The Kilted Skirt is an ankle-length dress, pleated around the backside, with a flat front-panel, and comes with Sewn Down Pleats included.  These are made to your specs, one at a time, by hand.

If you need your women’s kilt outfit by a certain date, just let us know in the order notes, or give us a call so we can get you looking sharp in time for your event. We’re pretty fast at making made-to-order female kilts if you let us know when you need it.

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