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Ghillie Brogue Shoes


Brogues…Steeped in Tradition!


Ghillie Brogue shoes are the traditional Scottish shoe.  There is a legend for why the laces tie on your shin.  Reason being, if a Scotsman stepped in a marshy bog and got a shoe stuck, they could pull the shoe out of the mud by the laces higher up on the leg.

The Broguing on the shoe is the intricate leatherwork now commonly seen on a wing-tip dress shoe.  Ghillie brogues don’t have a tongue, and show off a pair of kilt hose quite nicely. When paired with lighter colored kilt hose, the sophisticated way of lacing the shoe is shown off nicely.

Ghillie brogue shoes are quite simple to tie. With your foot in the shoe, pull the laces tight, and cross the laces three times by twisting the laces together.  once you have both laces twisted three times in front, pull them behind the calves on either side.  Finally, pull the laces around to the front of your shin, and tie a normal bow knot.

Ghillie brogue boots mimic the look of traditional ghillie brogues, but on a modern leather boot. These have a lightweight sole, and although they look heavy, they are quite light and comfortable.  Lacing is standard and ties like a normal boot.



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