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Kilt Flashes

Flashes, sometimes called “flashers” are strips of tartan material that hang below the cuff of your Kilt Hose. Kilt flashes also double as garters to help keep your Kilt Hose in place.  Definitely the icing on the cake when it comes to completing your kilt outfit.  Nothing says “I put a lot of thought into this” like a set of matching flashes.

What you do is pull up your kilt hose, secure the Garter Flashes around your calves, then fold the top of your kilt hose down over the elastic. This leaves two snake tongue looking tassels poking out of your cuff.

Hose Flashes available in 70+ tartans and solid colors, and sold as a pair for each leg. Almost always in stock, but if you need them by a certain date, give us a call, or let us know your deadline in the “order notes” when checking out.


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