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Join Sport Kilt at the Samhain (SAW-win) Celtic Halloween & Harvest Festival in Salt Lake City this Saturday. The ancient Irish believed spirits from the other side walked among the living on Samhain. We can’t promise that this weekend, but we do know there will be plenty of Guinness on tap. We’ll have plenty more Samhain content between now and October 31, but in the meantime, stop by and say hi if you’re in SLC this weekend! https://www.irishinutah.com/ LEARN MORE (https://sportkilt.com/lifestyle/sport-kilt-guides/highland-guide/#highland-games-october)

Before there was Halloween, there was Samhain (SAW-win), the ancient Irish holiday when spirits re-enter the realm of the living.

Celebrated every October 31, Samhain features several traditions you might recognize – dressing up, going door to door for sweets and carving faces into gourds.

But there’s also a darker side, with shapeshifting creatures, headless bodysnatchers and wayward souls all returning to spook the daylights out of those who aren’t careful.

Which is all to say, Samhain is a scary good time.

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