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Why Sport Kilt

  • Traditional Look
  • Attitude!
  • Quick Delivery
  • Modern Fabrics
  • Low Prices


Our goal is to provide the "rebels" a chance to celebrate a great tradition, by offering a very affordable alternative to the traditional kilt, which can cost upwards of $500 to $800.

A Sport Kilt is as close to the "real thing" as you can get, at 1/10th the cost! In fact, Sport Kilt has been endorsed by the Scottish American Athletes Assn. (S.A.A.A.) and are worn by most of these outstanding athletes. Over the years we have modified our product to exceed customer expectations. We also offer pockets, belt loops, sewn-down pleats, and many other options.

Sport Kilts are Worn by Everyone!

  • Scottish / Irish

  • Recreational Athletes

  • Olympic and National Champions

  • Rebels

  • Comfort Seekers

  • Freedom Seekers

Sport Kilt features the look of the ancient and traditional garb of the Scottish Highlands (including pleats and all), but made with a lighter, (no-itch) comfortable, easy-care fabric. We now offer them in five standard sizes from youth through 2X-Large.

Remember: You Don't Have To Be Scottish or Irish To Wear A Kilt!

Thanks to our many loyal customers, Sport Kilt® has gained tremendous acceptance with just about everyone: from Highland Athletes to the rebels amongst us that just want to make a statement and carry on this great tradition.

It's true, try it! -- Before, during and after any tough battle, there is nothing better than the freedom and comfort of a Sport Kilt.

Who knows.....soon you'll be "sportin' the Tartan" to your local coffee shop!

Questions? Contact us & we'll get right back to you.