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Sport Kilt Ambassador Parker Filmore sat on a log while wearing a kilt

Parker Filmore

Foodie, fisher, photographer and friend
If Parker Filmore is wearing a Sport Kilt, it’s not a special occasion. That’s just how the man lives. Whether he’s taking photos, reeling in the big one, going to the grocery store, or especially cooking up a meal, Parker is in a kilt.
So perhaps it’s better to ask, is there any situation in which Parker would not wear a Sport Kilt? “Landscaping and construction is where I draw the line,” he says. Good to know. Maybe we’ll get on making a kilt for jackhammering next.
More than anything else, Parker is just a down to earth lad who makes for good chat. Our founder James Ansite sat down with our newest Ambassador in episode 2 of Between Two Kilts. We really like the part where Parker says he wouldn’t change a thing about the comfort and style of Sport Kilt.
Welcome to the club!
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