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Highland Games Thrower & Antarctic Explorer

To say Pat Brown is cool under pressure is an understatement. He’s actually freezing. Or he was, anyway, when he was living and working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica for seven months. He was there running heavy equipment, which meant spending three weeks living in a tent in a remote camp 700 miles from the nearest settlement. 100 mile per hour winds, temperatures as low as -85 degrees, no big deal right?

This Antarctic adventure was the first time Pat had been away from his close family and friends, but he couldn’t turn down this once in a lifetime opportunity. To Pat, bravery is getting out of your comfort zone and into the unknown without knowing the outcome, and traveling to the bottom of the earth with total strangers certainly qualifies.

Back in warmer climates, Pat competes as a thrower in Scottish Highland games where he reps his Sport Kilt proudly. Sport Kilt means game day for Pat, or as he puts it, “time to step up, put all my practice to the test, and have fun putting on a great spectacle for the crowd.” Pat’s favorite faces in the crowd are those of his wife and son, who cheer him on (and wear their Sport Kilts, too).

Pat never lets anything get in his way as he strives to be the happiest person he can be. “For me, it’s about becoming a great athlete and working my way up to the top ranks all while being a great father and husband,” he says. “It doesn’t matter how old you are or what kind of shape you’re in, I want to prove you can do anything you set out to do.”

We don’t know about you, but hearing Pat’s story gives us chills.

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