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We may be Scottish through and through, but we make a big exception for this time of year. St. Patrick’s Day is actually the number one kilt-wearing holiday on the calendar, and even if your clan doesn’t claim the Emerald Isle this is still your day to celebrate all things Irish.

Like Cork and Dublin on a map, we’ll be properly distanced for this occasion. But that hasn’t stopped us from getting creative before. So put on your Irish National tartan facemask and take in this refresher through the history and tradition of St. Patrick’s Day (while enjoying a few cold ones as things progress).

The Namesake

If you’ve got Irish blood coursing through you, then good on ya. If not, you have something in common with St. Patrick himself. In the 5th century, Patrick was sold into shepherding in Ireland from his native Wales after being captured by pirates. So don that shamrock hat and make yourself honorary Irish in honor of St. P.

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Made in America

It would take nearly 1200 years for Patrick to get his due. The feast of St. Patrick was made official in the early 17th century, made most notable by the lifting of religious restrictions on alcohol consumption. But it was Irish immigrants in America that shaped the day into what it’s become over the next few hundred years with parades, traditions, and an incredible knack for throwing a party.

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Why so green?

From shirts to ties to suits to beer to the Chicago River, green is gold on St. Patrick’s Day. That wasn’t always the case, though, as St. Patrick was most associated with blue until Irish revolutionaries swapped their kilts for green ones in 1798. As for whether or not green dye makes beer taste better – you’ll have to try that experiment for yourself.

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Jimmy McCrea

Pinching isn’t in the protocol

Is someone in your family not wearing green on the big day? Well, like we learned above – blue is totally chill. So don’t pinch them. Also, we’re not exactly in a touchy-feely state of mind right now, so let’s retire this uncomfortable tradition for now. Maybe point your hue-confused loved one in the direction of our catalog, where we have Irish-themed green tartans for all occasions.

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Soaking it all up

There’s no denying the role that the sudsy stuff plays on March 17. But what about the food? There’s plenty to love about Irish cuisine, including these lesser-known favorites with delightfully Irish names. Fix up some colcannon for an especially savory green and gold snack, and wash it down with the brew of your choice (you know the one).

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Talking the Irish way

If you’re going on the tear from your couch this year, might as well learn some quick Irish lingo to help you celebrate. Try these phrases on for size, and if you’re really feeling up to it, sprinkle the accent on ‘em too:

 What’s the craic? – what’s up?

Wind your neck in – mind your own business

Fair play! – well done!

Now you’re sucking diesel – things are going great

Wired to the moon – that March 18th morning feeling

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Dressing the part

The Irish have worn kilts for centuries to pay homage to geography (counties, historical lands). There’s no better way to represent the Emerald Isle than with a Sport Kilt Men’s & Women’s St. Patrick’s Day package featuring your choice of green tartan, as well as all-Irish accessories. Made in the USA, but repping Ireland all the way.

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Remaining Sober and Sound of Mind

You may not have considered the other side of the St. Patrick’s Day perspective, whereby you sit back and simply observe the bedlam taking place in front of you. This may prove to be equally as disorienting as participating, but rest assured come March 18th you’ll be the one celebrating your decision-making.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, kilt lovers! Celebrate your traditions with these items perfect for making yourself as Irish as you want to be.

Feeling lucky Clan Brave?

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