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Kilt Hose (socks)


Wear the Hose!


To complete your look, Kilt Hose are the next most important accessory after a Kilt and Sporran.

All kilt hose are taller than most socks, and cover your calf.  Kilt hose either have a built in cuff, or can be folded down once or twice to create a nice 2-4″ cuff at the top.  When paired with matching tartan Kilt Flashes, this look cannot be outdone.

Kilt hose make your outfit complete, and are a must when going to a formal event.  Ideal for sports, hiking in a kilt, or even fishing in a river.  A nice pair of kilt hose keep your calves warm even when it’s cold outside.

All of the Sport Kilt hose are made with synthetic fibers.  They have the look of traditional wool kilt hose, but perform well in hot and cold climates, are non-itchy, and contain no wool.

A good rule of thumb; if you’re wearing a white shirt, white hose look nice.  If you know you’ll wear a black shirt, black hose look great.  Any other color shirt and kilt combo goes well with the “natural” color kilt hose. The natural color is the most common color seen on bagpipers, and probably the most versatile of our women’s and men’s kilt socks.




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