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Deluxe White Cable Knit Kilt Hose


Deluxe White Cable Knit Kilt Hose

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These are our very popular cable knit kilt hose, made exclusively for Sport Kilt, now in white!

These new kilt hose have the look of very expensive kilt hose, but more comfortable than wool, and at an ecomomical price!

Available in two sizes, Medium and Large.  Medium fits 9-11 and large fits 12-14.  Ideal for guys with bigger calves, and looks great with a pair of flashes under the thicker cable knit cuff!

Made from 100% acrylic blend for comfort and durability.  Machine Washable.

2 reviews for Deluxe White Cable Knit Kilt Hose

  1. Tony Marable

    Great Hose
    Your hose are excellent, fine quality. I’m looking forward to using these during a formal occasion with a kilt.

  2. Piper Pete

    Not the best hose
    I have had GREAT luck with items from Sportkilt in the past, so keep that in mind when reading this review. It’s the first thing I’ve purchased from them that I was actually a little disappointed with. The hose is very thin, the pattern stitching on the top is sewn on, not part of the sock itself, and I did not find them very comfortable. Ended up keeping them as back-ups and spending the money for a real pair of white kilt hose for the piping event I had purchased them for.
    Once again, this is the first item I’ve actually not been satisfied with from them, either online or at events.

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