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Child Size Kilt Socks


Child Kilt Sox

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Child Kilt Sox, works like kilt hose for smaller feet…. Complete the entire outfit. Great gift for the new addition to the family.

Tube socks that can be rolled down at the cuff to fit just about any size child

ideal size for Extra Small (XS) fits 2-4 year olds

ideal size for small (S) fits small feet roughly 5-7 years old.

Flashes (pictured in red) not included.

Available in White, Black, Navy Blue, and Forest Green.


  • 95% Polyester
  • 5% Rubber

6 reviews for Child Size Kilt Socks

  1. Buckeye

    Great for kids
    These socks fit my 3 year old perfectly. I purchased some for my other son about a year ago and they have great durability. He did highland dancing in them over a period of months (without shoes) and they have yet to develop any holes.

  2. Piper Pete

    Looked great
    These are basically just long socks, not true hose. But for a kid, they were much thiner and lighter than real hose would be. Looked great with the flash and his kilt.

  3. Brian

    Run a bit large for my intended purpose – but still great
    I bought a pair of hose for my one year old. Despite the warning in some other comments that they run a bit large, I took the gamble and bought them anyway. Well… they were indeed too big. But here’s the great thing: my son will grow into them. It a quality product for the price.

  4. Margaret M. Logan

    Considering it is for a child who may only wear it a few times, it is a great price and the material is terrific for kids.

  5. jean

    child’s kilt socks.
    Another order success from sport kilt…

    great job,… very pleased…again.


  6. Sarah

    Socks are HUGE!!!
    I read the reviews of these socks and the person reviewing them, made mention that they were big on his baby. Thinking that my 2 year old was older and wears an 8T shoe, I thought we might be ok. They did work, but we had to roll them up at the top several times (which made the top quite bluky). They stretched clear up to his hip and we still had fabric scrunched at the top. The socks are a very nice quality though, and my son will probably be able to wear them until he is 6…no joke. Just something to take into account.

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