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Fire & Iron Brigade Bronze Buckle


Made exclusively for the Fire & Iron Brigade!


The Fire & Iron Brigade buckle (Bronze)Fire & Iron Brigade Kilt Buckle

It has been tradition in Fire & Iron Motorcycle Club since 2004 that at any big motorcycle event such as Daytona bike week or any bike event that the last Friday of the event that we wear our kilts. We do a pub or bar crawl we call it Kilts and Colors. (Colors being the patch that we wear on our vest). Mike (Caveman) and Sport Kilt now offer the Fire & Iron Brigade Buckle to be proudly worn for any special event. The polished chrome adds the biker touch to your Kilt. With Fred the Head Logo and our motto abbreviation "Fire & Iron For Life", this buckle is a instant identifier to others showing loyalty and devotion to your club, and roars out "I am Fire & Iron". Often worn with the Stewart black tartan, the official tartan of Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club.

Fits our 2 1/2" wide kilt belts and requires belt loops of at least 2 3/4" wide to accommodate the metal hardware.


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