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Ghillie Boots


Ghillie Boots

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Ghillie Boots

Traditional brogue styling on a 12 hole polyurethane upper boot with rubber sole. Very comfortable, lightweight, and stylish.  Looks like a heavy leather boot, but wears more like a lightweight hiking boot.

13 reviews for Ghillie Boots

  1. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Bought my Ghillie Boots almost a year ago now. They are very comfortable and have held up great. I even wear them during my groups’ heiland dance practice (mostly waltzes and reels), I also wear them to work once a week with my utility kilts and have gotten many compliments.

  2. Scott Mullenix

    I’ve owned these boots for about 4 years now. Like many, I questioned the durability, but have been very delightfully surprised. They are still very comfortable and have held up very well. I would t describe them as work boots, but for casual wear and even hiking they have worked well for me.

  3. twelfoaks (verified owner)

    Received the boots quickly, but while they -look- good, they appear to lack durability. Sole is definitely not good quality rubber as it immediately slips on hardwood floor. Suspect leather-look upper is also man-made but there are no manufacturer’s materials tag. Look decent enough, are comfortable, may last if only worn occasionally, but expected better for a pair of $70 boots.

  4. Josh

    For the price
    I hab bought for my wedding. I got them and first thing I thought was they looked great ,but the only thing I don’t like about them it has hard rubber almost plastic soles. They are only going to be good for special occasions,but it won’t be good for every day usage.

  5. Kilted Navajo

    Ghillie boot
    Received the boots. Was worried about size since I dont buy without trying on for fit n size. Surprisingly it fit pretty well. It was a little snug around the arches but with wear it should be fine. I ordered a size 10 mens. Im satisfied with the boots and had been looking for a pair just to wear with my kilt. Thank you for recommending them.

  6. IrishMuscleCowboy

    Look and feel great
    I bought these along with my first ever kilt. They look perfect for a sort of in between look (not too dressed up and not too dressed down). I may order dress shoes for a more formal look – and combat boots to make these last longer!

  7. John

    Lightweight synthetic costume quality boots
    These boots work great for their intended purpose – wearing them rarely for costume events. They are very lightweight and light duty. The soles would not last a long time if they were worn daily. They are more plastic than rubber. That said, they are not a good value. I’d be happy to have paid half the price, but there aren’t any other options on the market. So this is all that’s available.

    Marked down to two stars because of the cost/quality ratio. They simply aren’t good enough at that price.

  8. Douglas S

    Best Boot
    I remain amazed at the comfort of these boots! Most often, new leather requires a “break-in” period before becoming so soft and pliable. Also, in addition to a being stylish in appearance, these seem to be constructed quite durably. I liked one boot so much that I bought a pair!

  9. Jeff Beard

    Ghillie Boots
    The boot fit great and are good quality. Would buy them again.

  10. Kevin

    Great Boot
    These boots are a GREAT accent to anyone who wears a kilt!!!!

  11. Brad

    Quality meh
    These are very thin and flimsy as far as “leather” boots go. Out of all the boots I’ve ever bought in a $70 price range, these are very disappointing. The leather is very papery feeling and wrinkled where the toe meets the sole, and the soles are thin and don’t look very durable. There are no manufacturer tags and come in a plastic bag, which I suspect that it’s a Chinese made product.

  12. MacLeod

    Ghillie Boots
    I bought these boots because I have recently discovered the joys of kilt wear. I wanted some nice looking boots that I could wear for any occasion. I got them super quick even with the free shipping. They are of great quality and are super light weight, they also look really sharp with any kind of kilt.

  13. Random person

    Good pirchase
    I was atosfied with diz purchaseseses, even though seller did not get into my black handbag, still vary gid go by

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