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Hiking Kilt – Borealis Black


Hiking Kilt – Borealis Black

Waist Size *

Using a measuring tape, wrap it around your waist where you'd like the top of your kilt to sit. Don't hold in your stomach!. Usually this measurement is larger than the waist-size of your pants. You might consider giving yourself an extra inch, or so, for comfort. That will be the ideal waist measurement to order.

Please Note: We cannot accept returns or exchanges on any custom made garment. Measure carefully!

Buckle Closure

You can add two 1" wide black leather straps and nickle-plated buckles to the opening end of your Sport Kilt. A functional, traditional looking adjustable double strap.  You can also choose a Nylon Buckle Strap option as well. 

While all Sport Kilts are secured with Velcro at the waistband, you can give your kilt that custom look (and added security) by adding buckles and straps.

Leather Buckle Straps (above) Nylon Buckle Straps (below)

Belt Loops

Although you don't need a belt to hold up your kilt, we'll be glad to add 'em so you can wear your favorite belt.

Belt loops can also be used to thread your sporran "chain-belt" through. This is the traditional use of belt loops on a kilt.

TIP: Belt Loop size should be at least 1/4" larger than the belt width in order to have room for the belt hardware, e.g., the keeper.

Please note: We cannot accept returns for customized goods, i.e., belt loops, sewn pleats, custom length. Please measure carefully!

Hidden Side Pockets

Now you can have us add 2 hidden side pockets to your Sport Kilt. You won't even know they're there unless you're looking for them, or you've got your hands in your pockets.

A great custom option for those that have to have pockets on their kilts!

Please allow us a couple of days to customize your kilt with pockets before your order ships.

Custom Length *

Use a measuring tape, instead of using your pant size. This will determine your waist measurement.

The ideal kilt length: While kneeling, measure from the top of your waist (where you'd wear your kilt) to the floor. Some say your kilt should just brush against the ground when you are kneeling. Of course personal preference is the rule! Have it YOUR way.

Note:  Ultimate and Commando kilts tend to sit higher on the waist (more like a traditional kilt) than our standrard Sport Kilts. Therefore, you may want to add an extra inch or two in length to compensate. If in doubt, be assured that ninety five percent of the time, our standard size Medium-long, large, XL, abd XXL length of 22.5 inches will fit most guys 5' 10" and 6' 2" tall. 

Please Note: We cannot accept returns for customized goods, i.e., belt loops, sewn pleats, custom length. Measure carefully, please!

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Borealis Black!  A stellar plaid featuring two shades of gray, gamma ray green, and white on a black background.

Cool, quick drying, breathable, lightweight (330 grams!) microfiber kilt for the active hiker who wants to trek in style and comfort.

Hiking Kilt Standard Features Include: 22 1/2″ length, Sewn-down-pleats, Velcro closure with a touch of elastic in the waistband for comfort and adjustability.

Designed for hikers, by hikers!

Please note: We always do our best to meet your deadline.  When choosing custom options like belt loops, leather buckle straps, or pockets, please allow 1-2 weeks for production. Anything longer than our standard length can take up to 2-6 weeks to build (including non stock items/products)

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12 reviews for Hiking Kilt – Borealis Black

  1. Greg K

    On my Appalachian trail thru hike, in the dead of summer, battling the heat and humidity, this kilt saved me from awful chaffing and keep me cool as I hiked. Dries fast and is very comfortable. After hiking 1200+ miles in it, this became one of my favorite pieces of clothing and I am not looking back!

  2. Des Lownds

    Here’s an older pic of me on top of the tallest peak in Utah, in my Borealis Black hiking kilt. It goes on most camping trips, great for backpacking, also paddle boarding and even wake-surfing.

  3. Jeff Breece (verified owner)

    I’m an avid hiker/backpacker/trail runner and I’m kicking myself for not trying out kilts decades ago. I bought this Hiking Kilt in Borealis Black recently and it’s, hands down, the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn while going for a run. Looking forward to pulling on my hiking boots next and hitting the trail for a long weekend outdoors wearing this kilt. If you are on the fence about wearing a kilt, dude, just do it, it’s more modest than I though, great fabric for sports activities, great conversation starter and looks sharper than my old hiking trousers – less “typical” backpacker more like a thoughtful updated with a modern flair with great cultural heritage. I’m definitely buying another one today.

  4. Ray

    I ordered the very first Borealis Black Kilt made during my visit to the Signal Hill store several years ago. I’m pleased to report that the durability and functionality of this Kilt has never let me down. It has served me faithfully during competitive runs on road and trail, from 26.2 to 100 mile events. I now have all patterns of the hiking kilt and look forward to wearing them every chance I get!

  5. AlmostThere

    So wanted to love this kilt. Bought it on the promise of much more “ventilated” runs. Pockets and belt loops are awesome as is the cut. HOWEVER, the velcro on the inside of the waistband will tear up your skin. I tried it multiple times and ended up with near cuts that took about a week or so to heal. Asked customer service about this and they suggested tucking my shirt in. While that will work for cooler temps, in the 70-80 degree humid mid-atlantic summer, no-shirt is the proper top layer. So, it may be wonderful for hiking (we’ll see), but if you are running in the summer, this might not be the one for you (unless you wear a shirt tucked in). Maybe this is a one off – it doesn’t sound like anyone else has had this issue.

    • sportkilt

      This was an issue we’re working to resolve, hopefully the alterations done to your kilt have completely fixed this issue for you!

  6. Dyl75

    Shut up and take my money!!!
    I saw these little gems and their performance characteristics and quick drying nature are very attractive to someone doing vigorous exercise in a hot climate (Queensland, Australia). So after a lightbulb moment – realising they offer freedom of movement, airflow, better sun protection than shorts and cooler too, quick dry fabric and not to mention a sensational-looking conversation starter, it really was a no-brainer to give this hiking kilt a shot. Two weeks later (truly a super quick turn-around guys!) I received my cool tartan box with my new hiking kilt! The next day I took our whippet on a 19km (12 mile) trail hike/ruck through bushland near me and this little baby didn’t skip a beat. All those features it delivered, and with the appropriate undergarment, I had zero chafing to boot! Got a few head-turns too, ha! I’m already placing an order for a second in weathered black watch as I want to rotate them on multi-day routes and love the tartans! Great stuff Sport Kilts, thanks!

  7. Kiltrunner

    Great running kilt!
    I bought this kilt to run in and it worked perfectly! Yesterday I ran the Colfax Marathon in Denver in it and it worked perfectly! No, chafing,, felt comfortable the whole race!

  8. Stu Gotz

    I must have been really bloated on Coors Light, as I measured nude in my garage, as requested, for a proper fit… Any way… the kilt came in at least 4 inches too big. I contacted SportKilt, and they said pin it where you need it and we’ll fix it FREE. ..and they DID! Head (who said head?!?) and shoulder above any other company!

  9. Dhm2067

    Awesome garment!
    I specifically ordererd this for trekking through the trails in my state parks. It’s been a great addition to my SportKilt collection. I like that the material is lightweight and breathes very well, especially when working up a sweat in the woods. I spent the past week in only kilts (or less) and this was one of my go to when getting out on the trails.

  10. ShaggyVI

    Excellent Service and Support
    Purchased my hiking kilt and I ordered it just a wee bit too large. Contacted customer support and they made the alterations free of charge, I paid shipping to them, and they shipped my kilt back with in a couple of weeks and the fit was perfect. I will be purchasing from Sport Kilt again as my friends really like my kilt.

  11. Doug in Indy

    Super lightweight and comfortable
    I bought this for trekking through the woods this spring, summer and fall. Since I can’t do that yet, I’ve been wearing this out and about this weekend. I purchased a 38in, with belt loops and it fits true to size. Rember – measure at the belly button not where you wear pants! I wore this to an historic movie theater that plays old(er) movies Saturday night, stopped in at store on the way home and then wore it again when I ventured out to the grocery store on Sunday. Even though this is llightweight, hiking kilt designed for more strenuous exercise, and it’s currently still winter in Indiana with temps in the mid 40’s to low 50’s, I was comfortable wearing this. I’d equate the material to track pants, it breathes but isn’t so thin that you feel the wind through the material. I expect to get a lot of use out of this kilt this year as the weather warms up. When looking at the web site pictures, I would say that the colors show most closely to the middle picture of the pleats.

  12. Doug

    Just got it. Need to take it for a test run!
    Can’t wait for some warmer weather so I can put this one through some hiking expeditions. The material is lightweight as described with a thin inner liner. I’m guessing this is to keep the material from getting see through when it gets damp or wet. The size fits great. I ordered a 38 and it fits well at my belly button where I’m the ‘widest’.

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