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Kilt Pin – Irish Clover


Kilt Pin, Irish Clover

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Bring a little luck into your life with the Irish Clover Kilt Pin!

This Kilt pin is an Irish-themed sword featuring a 3 leaf clover emblem on the hilt.  It measures 3.5" long by 1.5" wide.

A lot of people like to wear a kilt pin on the right side (opening side) of their kilt, about 3/4 the way down, through the top layer of fabric.  This not only gives the kilt a little extra flair, but it also gives your kilt some more weight should a stiff breeze come by.

10 reviews for Kilt Pin – Irish Clover

  1. Brady Johnson

    Great purchase
    Exceeds all expectations

  2. Rock Pig

    Kilt Pin review
    It’s hard to write a review about a simple kilt pin but these pins are very well made, durable and do the job they were intended for.

  3. Jack Stewart

    Kilt Pin works
    They say the objedctive of a kilt pin is to hold the kilt front flap down in case the wind tries to blow it up.

    This pin works for that and looks okay too.

  4. terry watters

    kilt pin
    the sword and clover pin added the right touch to my kilt…price was right also

  5. Ron Beltran

    My Pin
    The Clover and Dagger Pin, Is a great peace of Jewelry , Excellent craftsmanship, anyone could appreciate. I know I was pleased with mine. Thank you

  6. Gerald

    Great Kilt Pin
    The kilt pin is exactly what I wanted and matches the belt buckle exactly.

  7. Colleen

    Atypical use for a kilt pin
    If you like clovers or maybe looking to wear a little luck o’the Irish, this pin is for you. A kilt isn’t necessary, looks good on a coat or sweater too. My particular use may not be very common (or perhaps it is)… I bought this pin for my mom. She had a leg amputated above the knee, and wanted a fancy pin to close her loose pant leg. It works wonderfully, adds a little class…and hopefully, luck!

  8. William Higgins

    Nice Piece
    If I had 20 of them at the Texas Rennaissance Festival, I could have sold them! People kept asking me where I got it.

  9. tim d

    it’s ok
    I finally bought one of these. Looks awesome. It takes just that much more away from the people who want to ask me about my “skirt”. The clasp could be better. I constantly check it to see that it’s still attached. I feel if you were to be a bit too rambunchous it would definitely come off. Worth nine bucks though.

  10. Colin McGuire

    luck o’ the Irish
    Nice looking pin, especially when combined with the matching belt buckle. The clasp is decent but fell off when I got too rambunctious.

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