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Safety Sgian Dubh


Looks real!

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Looks like a real sgian dhub when tucked in your kilt hose, but there is no blade.  Made of one solid piece of plastic with metal embellishments on the hilt and faux sheath.  There is no blade on this knife, so it can be taken to many places where actual knives are not allowed, but you want to look the part.

2 reviews for Safety Sgian Dubh

  1. mrkilt

    Feels the same, but no blade!
    I feel uncomfortable sometimes carrying around a blade, especially if children will be around. This safty sgian dubh is perfect for air travel too, if I won’t be checking luggage.

  2. Appinhighlander

    Authentic Look Great for Travel
    I travel frequently on ships and international trains, so I am always scrutinized for my Highland weaponry. No self-respecting kilt-wearer would feel properly dressed without a sgian dubh, and this faux sgian dubh is perfect! No more frisking by security, no rushed explanations about why I have a weapon tucked into the top of my kilt hose as I go through the receiving line to meet the ship’s captain . . . and no more panic from worry-warts around me when they realize I have a small, sharp knife within easy access. The Safety Sgian Dubh is perfect for the frequent traveler—or for anyone who is clumsy and does not wish to slice their own leg!

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