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Sgian Dubh – Rampant Lion


Rampant Lion Sgian Dhub

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A Sgian Dubh with the Scottish Rampant Lion. A brilliant blue stone enhances the crown of this handsome, highly polished, 440 stainless steel dagger. This has a sharp point and a nice edge and is definitely not a “stage prop”. Just the right upgrade to your Highland outfit. Not intended for children!

*Sgian Dubh, (Skeen’ Doo). Literal translation: ‘black knife’, originally hidden in the folds of the tartan. Now usually worn inserted in the top of the right hose.
Approx. 7-inch dagger in length. . Please check with local laws to make sure this knife is legal in your town.


3 reviews for Sgian Dubh – Rampant Lion

  1. Mesenwshmu

    Good Value
    The Rampant Lion is very cool, and adds an excellent touch to authenticate the look. Great quality for the price.

  2. Jane

    Great service. Love the dubh.

  3. j

    This was an extra that my son loved. The cover is a little cheap but the Lion symbol was nice.

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