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Sgian Dubh – Woven Steel


Sgian Dubh, Woven steel hilt

Custom Engraving

We’ll cusotm engrave your name, text, and or clan badge to the blade of this sgian dubh. We’ll email you when we process your order to go over engraving details.

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Polished stainless steel sgian dubh with woven steel handle. Sharp point and a nice edge and is definitely not a stage prop. Adds just the right statement to your Highland outfit. Not intended for children! Accented with a synthetic emerald stone atop the handle.
*Sgian Dubh, (Skeen’ Doo). Literal translation: black knife, It was originally hidden in the folds of the tartan and is now usually worn inserted in the top of the right hose.
Approx. 7″ in length, overall.


13 reviews for Sgian Dubh – Woven Steel

  1. Francis Carroll

    not a bad knife…if all you want is to “look” good. I prefer to carry a functional knife (I doubt if this blade could cut into a haggis). The blade barely takes an edge, and doesn’t hold an edge at all…cheap stainless steel.

  2. McAllister Man

    Awesome Sgian Dubh!
    I Love the Sgian Dubh with blue sapphire I recieved! Good quality for inexpensive price. Goes perfectly with my kilts

  3. USMC_1975

    Very nice!!!!
    This Sgian Dubh is very nice in weight and style. I would recommend this to anyone and have!

  4. Blueknote

    Better Than Expected!
    I thought at this price, I would get a plasticky doodad that would suffice for my needs. But it arrived and was nicer than what I thought I’d get. Very pleased.

  5. Courtney

    form and function
    The sgian dubh was the only item that I was hesitant to buy. I was skeptical that I could get a good quality piece from a website-especially for the price!! I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Not only was it beautiful and weighty but SHARP! Great addition to your outfit and very handy.

  6. Lee

    Excellent Sgian Dubh
    This is an awesome sgian dubh. The description and the actual are identical. Good solid item

  7. Stephen lupe

    This is a nice knife that goes well with any kilt

  8. Ron McInnis

    This is a beautiful sgian dubh for the price!! Very nice.

  9. Paul Hitchcock II

    Great product at an affordable price
    This will add a great finishing touch to my Sport Kilt. Not only does it look great it also is functional. Sharp blade and point. Thanks again Sport Kilt!

  10. Bob Wallace

    One of a Kind
    The look and quality of the Sgian Dubh is top notch for the dollar. It was actually bought as a gift and is being enjoyed by our wedding usher. There’s only one minus from it being a 5, I thought it would be slightly larger. A must item for anyone looking for a one of a kind casual sgian dubh.

  11. Harvey MacAuley

    Woven Steel Sgian Dubh
    The shipping time for the Sgian Dubh was basically the only thing that was satisfactory. The woven steel handle looks little like the fine picture in the catalog. The cast steel looks like it was given a quick buff, attached and then sent out.

  12. Monica Dunbar

    Sqian Dubh – Woven Steel
    Very attractive & quite different from the usual ones. Sturdy, fits well in the hand. Pretty green stone on the top.

  13. Anonymous

    This knife looked pretty cool online but once I had it in hand, it was wicked! Awesome craftsmanship. Perfect to add with any kilt.

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