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Sport Kilt Hose


Sport Kilt Hose

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Our sport kilt hose which are great for everyday wear, and making a cuff at the top to hide the elastic in your flashes.

Great for Highland Athletics, these calf-high socks for men are made from a blend of materials that breathe and stretch for active feet. They are also tall enough to fold a nice 2″ cuff at the top where you can attach your flashes(those things that poke out from underneath the cuff)

One size fits most!  look great with boots, shoes, and even for sports like skiing and snowboarding.

We now offer these in 11 colors, so you can find a good color to go with your favorite flashes!


  • 95% Polyester
  • 5% Rubber

Care Instructions:

  • Knee socks for men and women best preserved when machine washed and dried on low heat.
  • Launder inside out to prevent pilling and fuzzing.


57 reviews for Sport Kilt Hose

  1. Elliott (verified owner)

    Comfy casual hose but inconstant length
    I have these hose in 6 colors and enjoy them as a much more comfortable option for casual wear than traditional kilt hose. They are a little thinner so you might get some skin showing through depending on the color and the size of your calves. My biggest gripe is the total inconstancy in length. I like to wear kilt hose about 3″ below the knee. Some of my hose only barely come up to that point while others go all the way above my knee cap, and I have to fold them down like traditional hose. Seems like a bit of a quality control issue.

  2. Ard Rii

    Look great with all my kilts. Did not shrink when I washed them. Will wear them when I do a sword dance on my father’s grave.

  3. Slick

    Very timely delivery.
    Very timely delivery and the items that I order was just as I expected.

  4. Easy rider

    Good socks but not great.
    I bought 3 pair and got 1 free which was great. I like the way they fit up to the ankle however the weave changes to a loose weave that exposes my calves.

  5. Elden Peterson

    Kilt hose
    I love these hoses I have 2 black, 2 white, dark green,gold,red,and gray.I am 5’4″with a size 8 foot.this kilt hose don’t have a heel in them,and that works great for me.so I went to put on my grey ones and one is longer, os I gave them a call and they are sending me out a new pair.you guys are great keep up the good work.

  6. Wolfpaw

    Great deal
    Good price, great fit, nice and thin (no sweaty feet)

  7. ELDEN

    great socks
    I love these socks,and the buy 3 get one free is awesome.I am a size 8 ,so not having a heel works out great for me. you need a cream color.I will be getting more, thanks for the great product.

  8. Rev. Eric Hernandez

    A go-to kilt hose and dress sock
    A fine quality with the thin, classy polyester I recall from old-fashioned dress socks of my younger days. Brown is my colour. These are fantastic, but I find them a bit tight round my 16″ calves.

  9. Rev. E.A. Hernandez

    Royally Fantastic
    If I had a royal warrant to bestow, I’d bestow it on Sport Kilt for their Regular Kilt Hose. These finely knit, smooth “tube sock” style kilt hose were my final answer. They’re smooth, breathe well, are warm and comfy, with a flawless toe seam and no heel cup/flap to climb up to my ankle bone. This is the most comfortable kilt hose I’ve ever worn. And no wool! They’re like the smooth, classy dress socks of my youth so I don’t feel I’m wearing half a sheep on each leg! Available in my color brown, and 10 other colors. God bless the makers of these kilt hose. They go with anything and everything. At one-size-fits-most, they’re best for those with 16″ calves and under.

  10. Lois

    If only every business could offer the amazing products and service that Sport Kilt does!! I was blown away by the effort these people put into getting a kilt and accessories for my son’s wedding! The staff was so accomodating, providing on-time delivery of a superior quality. Any time I called them a real person spoke to me. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Sport Kilt. What an exceptional company!

  11. celticlady91

    Socks and kilt
    The socks I ordered are great for what I am using them for-judging highland games. The foot area is like a sport sock and above the ankle is lighter weight. I absolutely love them and now own 3 pairs. I also now own 2 sport kilts and love to wear them for everyday, they are so comfortable.

  12. Buddy

    Lt. Wt. kilt hose
    These are great for warmer climates, the color selections are great

  13. Johnny Pat

    Nicely done!
    Well made, good materials, perfect fit, fast shipping. I will be purchasing again!

  14. Steven

    good experience
    My order was shipped promptly, and my product was of high quality.

  15. Jim Henderson

    Exactly what you are seeking.
    A company that gives good value at a competitive price. Ease of ordering and payment with rapid delivery. Certainly what I seek in any reliable supplier.

    It’s a pleasure to do business with you folks and I’m certain to deal with your company in the future. Thanks again.

    Jim Henderson

  16. BOS’N Tom

    Blue kilt hose(socks)
    I love my kilt socks, they are extremely comfortable, I like them so much I’ve purchased two different colors to ware the color I feel like that day.

  17. Brian M.

    Red & Black
    I bought a pair of each. I like them. They are good lentgh, pretty long actually. And comfortable. I would really like to get a pair of the premium and them make a comparison comment though.

  18. Bill Parslow

    Klit Hose
    The kilt hose worked great. Really added something to the whole outfit

  19. Paul Barkhau

    Great Hose
    Great quality and able to breathe. Stay up the whole time. May upgrade to the more expensive ones for more formal events. Great product!!!!

  20. Anwen

    Comfy, cosy hose
    Husband loves these. He says that they support like hiking socks, without the heat and bulk.

  21. Mike Ramm

    Kilt Hose – Regular
    Hose fit well and were very comfortable to wear.

  22. jose

    White Hose
    Nice hose for the money, but material a little thin. Excellent service.

  23. Steve Lupe

    Great and comfortable
    hese look great and are very comfortable

  24. Jason

    I’ll be wearing them again
    They fit perfect……very comfortable

  25. Gary Sands

    Very Nice
    Very nice, well made for the money! Highly recommended for everyday wear or working out!

  26. Jeremy Sumner

    great for everyday
    I ordered a pair of brown and a pair of black to wear with my kilt. One Sunday morning I was getting dressed for Church and didn t have any clean dress socks so I used a pair of kilt hose. I have since ordered four more pairs and wear them everyday with shoes and my cowboy boots

  27. Nicole Pecel

    kilt hose
    These are great!!! very comfortable…

  28. Gerald

    Kilt Hose
    Very nice!

  29. Bryan

    Kilt hose
    As always, Top Notch!!!

  30. Lou-Ann

    Great Service
    The kilt socks were exactly what we needed and were delivered in a speedy process. We shall shop with you again. Thanks so much.

  31. Tracy

    Good deal
    Very good socks, love the buy 3 get one free, makes it even better.

  32. Steve

    Kilt Socks
    I got these to complete the outfit, and they fit well, despite my large calves. I wore them all day, first time in a kilt and socks, and while they were tight, they were not uncomfortable.

  33. Pat Queen

    Great Socks at a great price, thanks sport kilt

  34. William Higgins

    Warm and Toasty!
    Kept my toes warm and toasty all day!
    Very comfortable.

  35. Grant

    Sporty Kilt Hose
    The hose are comfortable and look reasonable. They are certainly sportier than some other kilt hose which dress up nicer. These hose have a more casual look and are not as “bulky” at the top. For the price, this is a satisfactory hose.

  36. Richard Adams

    Excellent Quality for the Price
    The Kilt Hose (Regular)are excellent for frequent ware and I am very pleased with the color selection

  37. Larry

    Fits Fine 🙂
    The kilt hose fits and wears just fine 🙂

  38. HappywifetoaKiltwearingman

    Dig Deeper
    Dig Deeper and buy the premium socks. We ordered these simply because we had recently moved and could not find the box that had what we needed. You get what you pay for they are simply to light weight and not durable enough for my husband to use. We own several of the premium socks and would purchase those again with no qualms.

  39. John Ronald

    expands my wardrobe
    I bought this kilt hose for a specific purpose, to expand my Scottish wardrobe a bit. I wear the MacDonald tartan of Clan Donald (my family is a Sept of a smaller clan within the Great Clan). I also own a dark navy “golf” shirt with my family crest on it. When I wear this with my kilt, the Navy hose looks so much better than the off-white pair I normally wear. I also have tartan “flashes” that look nice with this pair of hose. Also looks good when worn in combination with with a Navy blazer, white shirt, and tartan tie.

  40. Rick

    Kilt Hose
    Great socks! They stay up, the colors are great. Super value.

  41. Daniel Ferguson

    Thank you!
    Great transaction. Good product. Thanks.

  42. Linda

    Kilt Hose
    This was a great kilt hose. I purchased six pairs for a wedding party and they fit all sizes. I also needed an off white color-which are fairly expensive-and I dyed these hose with tea. They turned out great for less than half the price of others.

  43. William Liverman

    Excellent product
    The color was a perfect match for the kilt and fit very well. Excellent quality. Service from Sport Kilt was very prompt, and we appreciated it.

  44. Tom Thompson

    No Drooping
    I like the way the hose stays up throughout the day without having to stop and pull them back up.

  45. Mike M

    Casual Hose
    High quality hose for casual outings. Used my hose to play 18 holes of golf and the held up great.

  46. Timothy Clifford

    light weight kilt hose
    Having moved from southern Ireland to Columbia, SC, I obviously needed some hose for this climate. Your light weight ones fit the bill perfectly. Comfortable and affordable. Well done.
    Tim Clifford
    Captain (retired)

  47. SFMP

    Pleasantly Surprised
    Thick. Comfortable. I was afraid they might stretch and sag with wear, but that doesn’t look as though it will be a problem. Mine definitely stay put.

  48. Adam

    Good Hose for the $$$
    Good quality, quick timing, GREAT Price!!! Thanks again

  49. Gerald Antonik

    I’m pleased
    I obtained my SportKilt at a fund raising auction about 6 weeks ago and after wearing it for just one day I was hooked. I needed to get accessories for it, so I decided to check out your web site for hose and ended up purchasing several pair on assorted colors. By far the best price I was able to find for the quality that I received. Shipping was super fast and a reasonable amount.

  50. Ron Kerns

    Kilt Hose
    Good product, good value, great service.

  51. Huntley

    Great Product AND GREAT Service!
    We have loved this sight. You may pay for shipping, but go to the stores and you will pay MORE overall for the same quality product.
    THANK YOU for being there for our needs.

  52. David

    Look and feel great!
    Comfortable and wash well.

  53. Chiam Larsen

    Really excellent Quality
    Like the other items I have purchase from Sport Kilt Really great. Thanks

  54. Colin McGuire

    sport hose
    The foot is of a thicker weave than the upper part. This provides good leg ventilation for active use but doesn’t look as good for dressing up. Nice and soft!

  55. Mark Petersen

    Stocking are great!
    I wore the Kilt Hose for three hours for rehearsal and performance – Dancing! They didn’t sneak down my leg over that time. Not once did I have to tug them up. Plus they’re long enough for my big, bulging legs… all the way to the kneecap!


  56. Mark Petersen

    Kilt Hose do the trick
    As a folk dancer, I was looking for long stockings that would really go all the way up to my knee and stay there for a performance. Last weekend, I gave a pair of your kilt hose a tryout – for three hours, through a rehearsal and a one-hour performance plus the trip home, the stockings stayed up with no tugging. Throughout, they looked good too! More of our dancers will be buying them. Thanks! Mark

  57. D. Wright

    Great Socks
    Comfortalble fit,

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