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Stewart Royal Original Sport Kilt


Sport Kilt, Stewart Red

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Royal Stewart – Another of the world’s most popular plaids.

Clan Motto: Virescit vulnere virtus, Courage grows strong at a wound.

Badge: The Thistle

As a family, the Royal Stewarts held the throne of Scotland, and later that of England, in direct line until the death of Queen Anne in 1714. In fact, the current Royal family still has Stewart blood links.

The Stewart tartan is worn by the regimental pipers of the Scots Guards and was referred to by King George V as my personal tartan.

Known as the Royal Tartan, it is still traditionally the official tartan of the Royal House of Scotland.

Prince Charles wore his kilt in this pattern when addressing the Scots Guards.

13 reviews for Stewart Royal Original Sport Kilt

  1. The Kilted Griller

    Great Product
    This is the perfect Kilt for active people. Nice and light for the summer, and fits perfect!

  2. ???

    Best purchase.
    I ordered the kilt for my son. He measured twice, using his Stanley tape measure! His measurements were off…Big Time. However, thanks to my wife, she was able to make some changes with the waistline and it looks perfect. He now has a pocket in front of his junk, but its fine. No complaints at all. His mistake and it is fine now.

  3. New comer

    Great look
    I bought the basic for a starter kilt lover. Ordered wrong size and had absolutely no trouble in exchanging it. You might consider going with a smaller size then the sizing chart suggest if you are on the first inch or two. 39″ fits a large better.

  4. Jamieson Keeney

    Great experience
    I love the kilt! Fits Great! Well stitched and good quality. I got my son one to match. Now my older sons want one too. Will be ordering again real soon.

  5. Pauma Pete

    I was apprehensive in ordering 16 kilts and accessories at one time but working with your organization was easy. The options presented and service after the order were outstanding. Thank you for making our Golf/Scotch/Cigars evening a big hit.

  6. phillip

    totally pleased!
    the kilt fit great, i was pleased with the guality, and the swiftness it was delivered in

  7. Rahima Wade

    My boyfriend was thrilled to get a sportkilt for his birthday! He wears it to contra dancing. It fit perfectly and looks great. Thanks!

  8. P.J. Millard

    great kilt
    great kilt, a steal of a deal for the price

  9. Chris Stewart

    Me and my boys
    I was very happy with my order My sons had ben bugging me for the last year for kilts now that they were older and wouldn’t grow out of them too quickly. So I suprised them with kilts for Christmas. They LOVED them. I loved them as well.

  10. Nate Williams

    Sport Kilt
    Excellent service – arrived in Aotearoa (New Zealand) very quickly. Worked a treat for the Auckland Highland Games!

  11. Jeff Thompson

    Royal Stewart Kilt
    I have gone to 3 concerts in my new kilt. I have received dozens of compliments on it. It is very comfortable and I am very happy with the product. Thanks again.

  12. Danielle

    Fantastic Products
    Quality is great, and the price is right. Quick and easy to order, shipping takes no time at all. Love the sports kilt!

  13. Pete

    the product is great.
    the only thing there was a problem with the shipping.

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