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Toddler Sport Kilt


For the “Wee ones”, beyond the “Baby” sizes, but not quite ready for the “youth” size. (2-4 years old, typically) Machine Washable.


You can choose any tartan from the drop down menu, and we will make it in a Toddler size Sport Kilt.

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All of our toddler kilts feature a velcro closure for easy on-and-off. Made in the USA!

Sporran (shown in black) sold separately.

Available in these tartans:

•   All Ireland

•   Ancient Hunter

•   Anderson

•   Armstrong

•   Big Blue

•   Black Watch

•   Braveheart

•   Brown Tartan

•   Buchanan

•   California

•   Campbell

•   Clergy

•   Douglas

•   Ferguson

•   Firefighter

•   Fraser

•   Garrison

•   Gordon

•   Graham

•   Green Scott

•   Green Zone

•   Grid Iron

•   Gunn

•   Hawaiian

•   Henderson

•   HHH Hunting

•   HHH Trail

•   Hunting

•   Irish Clover

•   Irish Revenge

•   Irisher

•   Johnston

•   Jolly Roger

•   Kelly

•   Law Enforcement

•   Lindsay

•   Loch Ness

•   MacDonald

•   MacFarlane

•   MacGregor

•   MacKay

•   MacKenzie

•   MacLaren

•   MacLeod

•   MacPherson

•   Murphy

•   Mustang

•   New World Celts

•   Ninja (solid black)

•   Psyop

•   Red Zone

•   Robertson

•   Ross Hunting

•   Royal Purple

•   SAAA

•   Scottish Irish American

•   Smith

•   St. Patrick

•   Stewart Black

•   Stewart Pink

•   Stewart Royal

•   Thompson

•   US Air Force

•   US Army

•   US Coast Guard

•   Leatherneck

•   US Navy

•   USA

•   Wallace

•   Wallace Hunting

New! Davidson, MacNaughton, Morrison, Ramsay, Keith , Nevada State, MacLean, Sinclair, Remember The Fallen

3 reviews for Toddler Sport Kilt

  1. jennifer burnett (verified owner)

    My toddler absolutely LOVES his kilt. I couldn’t get it off of him so I of course bought him more. He is so comfortable and happy to be in his kilt! They have provided AMAZING customer service that is truly impossible to find these days. I am so grateful for their hard work and willingness to reach out and communicate about the order to make a very happy momma and an ecstatic toddler.

  2. Holly McDade (verified owner)

    We bought the toddler sized St Patrick kilt for our 1.5 year old son. He’s currently in size US 3t, mostly because he’s long, and the Velcro was about 2 inches too long, issue solved with a safety pin. This size also easily fits my 6 year old daughter wearing a size kids medium/8. I’m definitely pleased with the size I choose as this will fit a growing kid for many years. Great quality, great color.

  3. M. Norman (verified owner)

    Got one for the little guy and it honestly is still way too large for him and will remain that way for at least a couple of months. The description would benefit from including approximate toddler sizes as a guide. I might buy another one in baby sizes as that will likely fit him instead, but there’s also the issue of keeping a kilt on a toddler period. Otherwise, the craftsmanship of the kilt itself is fine.

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