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Tree of Life Sporran


Tree of Life sporran. A genuine leather sporran that comes with waist-chain belt, and is adorned with the Celtic Tree of Life symbol.

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Tree of Life Sporran

Our Highlander Black Leather sporran adorned with Tree of Life emblem.

Genuine leather sporran, and comes complete with the leather/chain belt to hold the sporran around your waist.

Sporran is Gaelic for “Purse”, and it a very handy place to keep your belongings, as well as giving your kilt a traditional look when worn atop a kilt.

The Tree of Life was called crann bethadh by the Ancient Celts, who believed that it had magical powers. Celtic people honored the Tree of Life by leaving one big tree in the middle of their fields when they cleared their land. Underneath the branches of this tree, the Celts held gatherings and appointed their chieftains. The tree was able to provide shelter, food, and medicine, leading the Celts to believe that it had enough power to care for all life. Chopping down the tree was considered a serious crime meaning that the biggest triumph one would be able to achieve over their enemy was to chop down their Tree of Life.


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