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Turnout Commando Kilt


Turnout Commando Kilt

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Turnout Commando Kilt Color *

reflective stripe color *

Buckle Closure

You can add two 1" wide black leather straps and nickle-plated buckles to the opening end of your Sport Kilt. A functional, traditional looking adjustable double strap.

While all Sport Kilts are secured with Velcro at the waistband, you can give your kilt that custom look (and added security) by adding buckles and straps.

Also note: If you opt for the Buckles and straps, we HIGHLY recommend adding the sewn-down-pleats option as they compliment each other.

Also, it is best to hand wash (or dry clean) your kilt with leather straps.

Important: We cannot accept returns for customized goods, i.e., belt loops, sewn-down pleats, custom length, fringe, or buckles. Please be precise with measurements!

Hidden Side Pockets

Now you can have us add 2 hidden side pockets to your Sport Kilt. You won't even know they're there unless you're looking for them, or you've got your hands in your pockets.

A great custom option for those that have to have pockets on their kilts!

Please allow us a couple of days to customize your kilt with pockets before your order ships.

Waist Size *

Using a measuring tape, wrap it around your waist where you'd like the top of your kilt to sit. Don't hold in your stomach!. Usually this measurement is larger than the waist-size of your pants. You might consider giving yourself an extra inch, or so, for comfort. That will be the ideal waist measurement to order.

Remember, it will be easier for YOU to adjust one that's a little too large, but one that's too small might be a job for Slim Fast.

Please Note: We cannot accept returns or exchanges on any custom made garment. Measure carefully!

Hip Size *

Length *

The ideal kilt length: While kneeling, measure from the top of your waist (where you'd wear your kilt) to the floor. Some say your kilt should just brush against the ground when you are kneeling. Of course personal preference is the rule! Have it YOUR way.

Note: Turnout Commando kilts tend to sit higher on the waist (more like a traditional kilt) than our standrard Sport Kilts. Therefore, you may want to add an extra inch or two in length to compensate. If in doubt, be assured that ninety five percent of the time, our standard length of 22.5 inches will fit most people, fine.

Please Note: We cannot accept returns for customized goods, i.e., belt loops, sewn pleats, custom length. Measure carefully, please!

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Designed to look like Firefighter Turnout Gear,

Available in Black (poly-rayon) or Khaki (poly cotton twill)- special request only (upon availability)

-includes reflective stripes down both sides, pleats sewn down along the knife edge.

-Custom made to your waist, hip, and length measurement (use measuring tape, not pants size!) DO NOT ORDER YOUR PANTS SIZE, IT WON’T FIT!

-Comes with two rear Cargo Pockets with storm flaps.

-Also comes with 5 belt loops around the kilt.

-additional features like hidden side pockets and leather buckle straps can be added.

-you can also send us fire-resistant material and we can make you a custom Turnout Commando Kilt!

Please allow 4-8 weeks production time for us to custom make this kilt to your specs.

1 review for Turnout Commando Kilt

  1. Josh Nguyen

    Perfect fit
    I never knew that was easy ordering a custom kilt that perfect fit. Material feel great and comfortable. I wear it often when I hop on airplane or my routine weekend things. Don’t be surprised you will get lots of compliment.
    Great company to purchase from.

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