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Vintage Freedom T-shirt


Vintage Freedom T, circa 2000…celebrating 25 years of Sport Kilt Freedom!


This is a throwback to shortly after the casual kilt revolution began in America, way back to the year 2000.  Remember Y2K?  That was the scariest thing we’d encountered.  We had just finished partying like it was 1999.

We knew that our kilts represented freedom from the norm, and we had to make a t-shirt to shout out what we were all about.  This was the first t-shirt we ever made, and we’re bringing it aback as a tribute to our 25th year of being original.

We’re re-releasing this design in honor of our 25th anniversary, and bringing back some of our original designs.  While times have changed, the desire to be free is just as important to us now it was back then.

Vintage year 2000 Freedom logo on the back, with Sport Kilt crest on the front..  Celebrating 25 years of Sport Kilt Freedom!

Made in a soft 100% cotton T.

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