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Fishing in a Kilt! Dry & comfortable while having fun.

Pulling off the highway on the way to Sport Kilt HQ today, my dad and I wore our Hiking Kilts and walked a short way down to the Provo River. It’s been a while since I fly fished, luckily my dad is a certified casting instructor and gave me a quick refresher course on knot tying, gear setup, and casting. We then locked arms and waded across the river, which was flowing pretty good and up to our thighs. Once on the other side, we scouted our first location and began casting.

We started of with a caddis fly, then a caddis nymph, and after a few casts with no nibbles, we’d take a few steps downstream and repeat the process of fishing the near water, then further and further out to cover as much area as possible without spooking fish.

At our second location, I got lucky on a good cast into fast moving water with the caddis nymph, and hooked a good size brown trout. It fought me for a couple minutes, stripping some line off my reel, but managed to steer it to short where my dad was ready to net it. We kept it in the water as much as possible, pulled it out for a couple quick pictures, then let him back to fight again another day.

After releasing the fish, high-fiving my dad, and pausing to enjoy the moment, we continued fishing for a little while longer, but that turned out to be our only fish for the morning. Not bad for a quick detour on the way to work though. We hiked back to our cars, and said we’d do it again sometime soon, maybe bring some lunch and make a day of it. Definitely bringing our kilts again next time.

The kilts were very comfortable, dried in minutes after wading thigh deep across the river, and kept us cool on a day that will be 100 degrees by noon. The kilt hose also worked very well inside wading boots, and would try them again with river sandals like my dad had on for a hot day.

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