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There is a Sport Kilt for everybody and every holiday.


Hiking Kilt

I bought the Hiking Kilt for trekking through the forest thinking it’d be the perfect Summer option. Turns out it’s become my go to piece of hiking gear for every season! Even though the kilt is lightweight, this hiking kilt is designed for more strenuous exercise, and it’s held up great in temps dipping into the mid 40’s to low 50’s. The material keeps the wind out yet breathes perfectly. It’s become my most versatile piece of outdoor gear.
-Doug in Indy

Plaid Baseball Cap

I recently purchased a kilt kit and some accessory items. They were all fabulous. I was very impressed with the fit and the workmanship. The pricing for the kit was grand too!

Contemporary Black Kilt Hose

The pair sent to me had a hole in the calf of the leg. I let Sport Kilt know. Within a few days they sent me another pair – no charge. Excellent. I have wore them several days with many positive comments. Who comments on the socks, right? Even so, many comments about the whole of the outfit. Getting ready to order some more “stuff.”


Black Watch Baby Sport Kilt

I recently ordered my 7 month old son’s wedding outfit from Sport Kilt. It’s amazing. They look the part, and the quality is top notch! I’m first generation. from Scotland, so it was really important we all looked the part, including my Son. Needless to say, he was the hit of the party!

Youth Sized Sporran

I purchased several items from Sport Kilt for my wedding, including a child’s kilt, sporran and kilt socks, but as the Ring Bearer it was super important my son’s Sporran was functional too. Needless to say, when he reached into the Sporran and produced my ring, it was the highlight of our wedding!

Child Size Flashes

Great touch to the child or baby kilt. I got our 4-month-old son some of these and picked up a pair of black baby socks. It’s extremely cute and a very nice touch to his Baby Kilt and Child Sporran (also recommended).


MacLeod Women’s Sport Kilt

I needed a kilt for an ice skating routine (bagpipes, of course) and wanted one in my College of Wooster tartan. Sport Kilt had the color and fit to make it perfect. But what started as something I needed for an event has turned into something I wear for all sorts of things from fitness events to picking up the kids. It’s the perfect, comfortable fashion statement!

MacGregor Women’s Sport Kilt

I ordered my daughter a kilt for Christmas not quite knowing what to expect. When she opened the package, the shriek was heard down the street. The kilt fits perfectly, looks great, and will probably get worn out when the weather gets warmer. This is the sixth kilt I’ve purchased from Sport Kilt and I couldn’t be happier.

Firefighter Mini Kilt

I purchased both the Firefighter Mini Kilt and Flying Plaid for my wife so we could dress for St. Patrick’s Day and she looks stunning in her new tartan. I would even say “Hot” (Wink! Wink!). Thank again, Sport Kilt!


Formal Kilt Package

I ordered the kilt package with the instructions that I needed it for a wedding. I’m not a traditional Kilt wearer so I was a little nervous. All of that went away when the packaged arrived. It was so well put together, fit perfectly and ultimately transformed me into a regular Kilt wearer!

A Tartan Necktie

Ties obviously come in all shapes and colors. But I wanted something truly authentic so I turned to Sport Kilt to provide a specific Tartan for a traditional Scottish dinner. It was a big hit and I wear it all the time!

Scottish-Irish Sash

My wife really wanted to complete her look for a US Air Force event we were attending so we got her the US Air Force sash.. It looks and fits perfectly and made the whole outfit a success! In fact, we were able to convince my teenage daughter to wear one for the Scottish-American events! Thanks Sport Kilt!


Campbell Works Kilt

Having given up my pipe band full kilt, I am grateful to have both the hiking and sport kilts with much greater versatility and comfort. Hiking the Cornish Coast kilted was better than in shorts, and with the sport kilt, I can still get the more traditional look I want with belt or sporran, plus it’s lighter and less expensive.

Brown Embossed Leather Sporran

This sporran looks great on any Kilt. Sure, they’re a handy accessory to hold your items, but beyond that a Sporran really completes the look.

Contemporary Black Kilt Hose

If you’re going to don the Kilt, you might as well complete the look with the Kilt Hose, right? These are great. Perfect fit and comfortable to boot.


Kilt Hose – Regular

If you’re going to don the Kilt, you might as well complete the look with the Kilt Hose, right? These are great. Perfect fit and comfortable to boot.

Performance Under-Short

Love these! I’ve worn other workout shorts underneath my short kilts before which tend to ride or bunch up. Not these! They are a little thicker material and stay put yet are very cool and comfortable. Definitely made me more confident in my kilt.

Women’s G-Tank

A super soft, yet strong, ringspun cotton/poly 60/40 with tearaway label.  Featuring the distresed Sport Kilt lion in a multi-green colorway.


USA Original Sport Kilt

Everyone loved my USA kilt at the US vs Jamaica soccer game here in Chattanooga! I got so many compliments!! I can’t wait for the next US game so I can wear it again!! Haven’t worn them out yet, but the color scheme will be just the look I need on the 4th of July or any other event that calls for a patriotic flourish!

USA Flashes

If you want to dress up your kilt, then you need the matching flashes to your tartan. There’s just no getting around it.

Freedom Stickers

These are sharp looking and with the word FREEDOM across the top I can see giving a lot of these away at festivals this Summer.


Highland Kilt Package

Who knew what one kilt could do? My entire concept of how a guy should “dress to impress” has been blown wide open. Pretty sure I could single-handedly slay a dragon in this thing and the belt really puts the finishing touches on things.

New Real Men Wear Kilts T-Shirt

I like to wear a kilt when hiking and this t-shirt has been the perfect compliment. The tee shirt is a great conversation starter on the trail or anywhere else I might end up.

Celtic Tri-knot Hip Flask

The leather hip flask holster works great. Keep my favorite warming spirits close at hand during those drafty St Patty’s Day parades


Pet Tartan Bandana

When I saw the Sport Kilt dog bandanas, it made me wonder why should our dog only get a bandana after visiting the groomer? Now she looks great all the time and is the talk of the dog park each time we go!

Pet Tartan Bow Tie

Cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets – doesn’t matter the furry friend in your family, give them a look that says “my person has fantastic taste.”

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