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Campbell Women’s Sport Kilt


Campbell Women’s Sport Kilt

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Campbell Women's Sport Kilt!

Available in 4 sizes, Small 1-4, Medium 4-8, Large 9-14, and XL 14-22.

Clan Motto: Ne obliviscaris “Do Not Forget”

The name Campbell comes from the Gaelic “Cam Beul” meaning ‘curved mouth’, a nickname given to Dugald on Lochawe, who supposedly used to speak out of one side of his mouth.  The Earl of Campbell fought alongside James IV at the Battle of Flodden, fought as Convenanters during the Civil War and led a number of bloody attacks against the Jacobites, even help defeat them at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.  During the 18th Century, the Campbells formed half of the companies of the Black Watch (along with companies, one each, from Clans Fraser, Munro and Grant) with their warrior natures to guard and protect the Highlands, and authorized to wear their kilt and bear arms.  

Septs of Clan Campbell are: Arthur, Burns, Connochie, Gibson, Hastings, Isaac, MacColm, MacTavish, Thomas, Thompson, Pinkerton and Torrie, among others.

5 reviews for Campbell Women’s Sport Kilt

  1. Mimi

    Easy wear kilt
    It is well made and fits perfect as it has Velcro to be able to adjust waist as needed.

  2. Patty Campbell

    Sport Kilt
    This is my second Sport Kilt and I LOVE them. The quality of the fabric and the craftsmanship of the kilts are unbelievable, especially for the price. You won’t find a better kilt! If you are looking for a kilt I highly suggest that you try Sport Kilt first.

  3. Christine

    Love it!
    Great quality/material. Great weight! I was on the top of the medium scale and was very happy ordering the large. Better to be slightly roomier than being too tight (pleats lay funny). Customer service….you rock as well! Keep up the great work. Will send photo and more clients. 🙂

  4. Colleen Kearns Eyman

    Sport Kilt in the Campbell Plaid
    Thank you to the staff at Sport Kilt for your great service. I was excited to receive my kilt and the measurements are perfect. I asked for the length to be 22 inches long and that looks great for me. I wore the kilt to my Irish Set Dancing group and received many compliments. The kilt is comfortable, easy to wear, and great for dancing. I love my sport kilt.

  5. Gretchen

    Beautiful kilt!! I did great at the Prescott Arizona Highland Games!! I was helped out so much. At first the wrong size was sent to me, but Seamus followed up on that and sent me the right size immediately, he even reimbursed me for the shipping!! I appreciate all that you guys at Sport Kilt are doing!!! Mmmmm, something about a man in a kilt!! Love them.

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