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HHH Trail Original Sport Kilt


Hash House Harriers Trail Kilt

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Hash House Harriers Trail Kilt

The Hash Kilts were conceived by members of the Society of Kilted Hashers, as trail-worthy, washable kilts for the world hash. The notion was to design a tartan, using G’s regimental tartan as a pattern, with the hash colors of green for shiggy, brown for mud and dirt, blue for water crossed, red for blood shed, white for trail, and amber representing our beverage of choice.

A number of tartan designs were evaluated and two selected and certified by the STA as Hash House Harriers Trail, for the golden sett, and Hash House Harriers Hunting for the darker, hunting tartan.

The Hash Kilt is box pleated to the stripe, a traditional method that is rarely used, as was G’s kilt, making for a more distinctive trail kilt. Hashers everywhere can enjoy the pleasure and comfort of a Hash Kilt, in the tartan of their choice, with the options of the original Sport Kilt, in models for men and women.

The Hash House tartans come with our Sewn Down BOX Pleats option included free.  ON ON!

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12 reviews for HHH Trail Original Sport Kilt

  1. The worm

    Second round with the sport kilt
    I passed my original Sport Kilt on to a friend who just had to have it NOW. I finally replaced it with the HHH version and added pockets. Great for trail building, post ride chilling and camping!

  2. Jeff

    HHH Original Sport Kilt
    Ordered the original sport kilt with sewn down pleats, nylon buckle closures, belt loops and pockets. Recommend including the custom features with your order, they are very functional.
    Kilt fits great and is very comfortable to wear. Wear the kilt for trail running and ultra hikes.

  3. Shawn C.

    Absolutely thrilled
    I was in need of getting a new kilt for the Bobby Burns birthday hash, and had less than a week to get it. Even with the upgrades of the leather straps and pockets, I received mine within the week and they noted the date I needed it before. Absolutely thrilled with their service! The quality of the kilt is fantastic too. Great to run in and the pockets hold keys and phones with little discomfort on the run. Kudos sports kilt! On-on!

  4. Tony

    I wear this at every hash event I go to and love it. I got it with the buckles and pockets and I use both all the time. The only issue with it is that the buckle on the right can kinda get in the way of the right pocket. Besides that, I have nothing but wonderful praise for this product. I also got it 2″ longer which is great for sitting and such. I will definitely be purchasing another Sport Kilt down the road. Thanks!

  5. James B. Decker

    Great Kilt
    I wear my HHH Trail Sportkilt every day that it is clean. No joke. I come home from working an eleven hour day and wear my kilt until I go to bed. I wear it to my ultra marathons and change back into it when I am done. I am running twenty miles on the Appalachian Trail tomorrow morning in it. I love my Sportkilt!

  6. Ice Helmet

    Looks better in person, photo here a bit off
    “Camouflage” is how you might describe the color effect in the Trail kilt, with amber & green being the dominant colors. It looks much better in person than online. Thread colors in both the Hunting & Trail kilts are the same (or extremely similar). The darkest thread is about Guiness-dark & looks that way on the Trail, looks closer to black on the Hunting. Compared to the Trail, the Hunting kilt looks dark , with lots of blue. On the Trail, blue’s dominance is basically replaced with amber, making the Trail look brighter.

    I own both tartans & didn’t think I’d like the Trail’s coloration when ordering, but after having it for a while, I like it more than the Hunting, actually. More of a subtle, shiggy colored design to me, Hunting seems more formal because of its darker colors.

    The optional pockets are well worth it, in my opinion. They’re HUGE & can hold lots of stuff, holes for the pockets are barely noticeable. Warning: don’t have something heavy like a digital camera in the big side pockets while running, ‘cause the camera will be swinging low, back & forth, can hit ya hard down there. The fabric does pill a bit over time, making it a bit fuzzy; very minor issue though. Fast & excellent service. Very happy customer. On On!

  7. Dave

    Great Kilt
    This is the Second Kilt from Sport Kilt that I own. Love it! It fits true to size, is great to wear hashing, and looks better than the picture.

  8. Carsten Sicars

    Nice as usual
    This is my second sportkilt and it´s perfect like the first one. Even the different pleating looks nice for I wasn´t sure about that. As Seamus kindly sent me swatches to be sure about the colors I´m absolutly satisfied with the product.


  9. Michael

    Luv it!!!
    This is my second Sport Kilt. The quality and workmanship are top notch. The fabric is the perfect weight for trail wear, pub crawls and hanging around the circle. I’ve washed and line dried mine with no problems. I got pockets and belt loops on mine. The pockets are particularly helpful and they are BIG. The freebie “kangaroo” pocket in the front center was a nice surprise. My previous Sport Kilt did not have that.

    It’s great to have the registered tartans for the hash. My thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

  10. I Blow

    I love this kilt!
    As the designer of the Hash Trail Tartan I’m very impressed with the look and feel of the kilt. The material is great for trail or circle in a variety of conditions. The box pleating wears very well, and the added pockets and buckles are great and worth the additional cost.


  11. Shanghiney

    HHH Trail Kilt
    I ordered a plain jane – no pockets, fringe, etc. The kilt is as advertised, fits well and while I have not yet washed it, it looks like it will be fairly easy care. Agree that coloring is off a bit from photo, but I’m pleased!
    I will use this mainly for running trail and on-afters. Considering the comfort, I wish kilts were acceptable as everyday wear.

  12. icysubdweller

    Color of fabric highly dependent on lighting!
    My HHH Trail kilt arrived today, and when I pulled it out of the box, both my wife and I did a double-take. She exclaimed, “That’s not the kilt we ordered!” We both remembered the fabric being a predominantly orange theme in the photos online, and what came out of the box looked more like an emerald green design!

    We rushed to the PC, and pulled up Sport Kilt’s website. Looking at the pictures and the kilt side by side, we admitted it was possibly the same tartan. I said, “Flip on the light,” which she did, and under the halogen strip lighting, then we started to see the orange hues. I said, “Let’s try it in the sun,” and we went outside, where all of a sudden, the kilt looked like the one pictured online.

    Ahhh… the colors perceived are very dependent on the lighting situation. In cloudy weather outside, in the woods hiking, indirect indoor light, possibly cool fluorescents, this material is going look emerald green. In a warmer light like sunlight hiking through a meadow or incandescent indoor, it takes on the orange hues pictured on the web.

    Overall, a nice, lightweight kilt. As we go through the first warm days of late spring, I’m glad to have it, and I’m looking forward to it being my predominant “lounging around” wear for the summer. Fit is accurate, and finish seems nice (seams sewn evenly, etc). Box pleating is awesome. Since I’ve only had it 30 minutes, I can’t say anything about durability yet.

    The little pocket mentioned in the description (but not detailed elsewhere that I could find) is actually sewn to the outside layer of the apron. It’s possible one might reach into it by sliding a hand through a small gap left in the Velcro closure. But more likely, you’d actually have to undo half the velcro that holds the kilt on, in order to actually retrieve anything you put in there.

    In other words, not the most functional design. If you anticipate needing a pocket, I’d probably spend the money on actual pockets (or belt loops for a sporran). This provided ‘pocket’ might function alright if you’re going to a party and the only thing you plan to carry is your drivers license and a single car key sans keyring.

    Overall, for $70, I’d say this is a good value as loungewear, possibly OK for wearing out too!

    Other kilts owned: 3 Utilikilts and 1 Stillwater Kilt.

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