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Kilt Pin – Battle Axe


Kilt Pin Battle Axe

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Battle Axe!

A lot of people like to wear a kilt pin on the right side (opening side) of their kilt, about 3/4 the way down, through the top layer of fabric.  This not only gives the kilt a little extra flair, but it also gives your kilt some more weight should a stiff breeze come by.

This is a battle axe kilt pin with Celtic knotwork on the handle.  Made from highly polished, silver-tone steel, it measures three inches long.  Also makes a nice lapel pin or tie-tack in addition to looking great on a kilt!

9 reviews for Kilt Pin – Battle Axe

  1. Blackhawk Run

    Battle Ax Kilt Pin
    A nice accent for kilts. I bought about a dozen. Not were all the same design, but in the end it really didn’t matter.

  2. Kilt convert

    Axe Pin
    The Axe Pin looks great on my kilt. The only issue with it is the clasp. Wish it was more secure. It opens very easily. Have to figure a way to secure it better so I don’t lose it.

  3. Mesenwshmu

    Good Quality
    The Battle Axe kilt pin was the perfect size, some kilt pins are too big. Good quality for the price.

  4. Jane

    Great service. Added a kilt pin to the hiking kilt. Good idea.

  5. BOS’N Tom

    Battle Axe kilt pin
    I received many complements on my new Battle Axe kilt pin. I have put the one kilt pin I had before I purchased the Battle Axe pin, in a secure box so I wont even use it again, the only kilt box I will use now is my new Battle Axe kilt pin, sure glad I got it.


    GOOD PIN!!

  7. Charles B.

    Kilt Pin-Battle Axe
    Loved the pin!!!! A great accent to anything I wear.

  8. Norm Thompson

    kilt pin – battle axe
    I believe that it is very stylish and well crafted although I would have preferred one in silver. Should you ever offer one in silver rather than chrome plate, I would be happy to order one. I am very pleased with how quickly it was delivered and how well it was packaged. I would have felt better if it had not been placed loosely inside the drum that was ordered at the same time. I had no idea that it was inside the drum, and then discovered it upon inspecting the drum. We were fortunate that there was no damage during shipping. Other than that I am very happy with the service, quality, and speed with which we were afforded.

  9. Harry Todd

    Battle Axe –Kilt Pin
    The kilt pin is excellent and is a perfect mate for the Marine Kilt or any other kilt for that matter.

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