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Down With Gowns, Up With Kilts!

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Harness the healing power of a kilt, with the new MediKilt by Sport Kilt!
When the Scots of yore got scraped up in the fields and had to heal up for a bit, you can bet your arse they weren’t putting on any ugly, flimsy hospital gowns. No, they were donning kilts as they always did, because kilts are a symbol of strength and bravery.
That’s the idea behind the MediKilt. The ultimate show of encouragement and comfort for medical staff to provide for their patients and family members to give to their loved ones going through a rough spell. We’ve seen hospitals start traditions with MediKilts being passed from patient to patient and room to room. They truly bring people together!
We believe in the power of good spirits to cure the ills, and that’s exactly what the MediKilt possesses. Plus it’s easy to put on and take off, and much less drafty and embarrassing than a hospital gown. Our friend Tom from Washington recently underwent surgery, and when his nurse asked him which leg he put his pants on first, he answered, “Neither, all I need is my MediKilt!”
The MediKilt is even perfect for those folks who are out of the hospital but still dealing with more permanent injuries that require the ease and comfort a kilt can provide.
The next time you see a friend, family member, service member or acquaintance experiencing some tough times, make their day a little better and make them even braver with a MediKilt from Sport Kilt.

2 reviews for MediKilt

  1. Steve Porter

    What a great idea a Sport Kilt with easy on – easy off that hangs well, fits snugly and is a delight to look at and wear.

  2. SGT Christopher Lowe

    Great kilt!
    I was severely wounded in Afghanistan while serving with the US Army and require numerous surgeries. This kilt will make it easier on me on my road to recovery.

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