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Nevada State Tartan Accessories


Nevada State Tartan Accessories – limited quantity, made to order.  Please allow 5-10 days production time on certain items.

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The Beautiful Nevada State Tartan and the meaning behind the tartan design:

Blue represents one of the state colors of Nevada, the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe and the Mountain Bluebird, the official state bird;

Silver represents the other state color, the official state mineral, the granite composition of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and the silver country of northern Nevada;

Red represents the Virgin Valley black fire opal, the official state precious gemstone, and the red rock formations of southern Nevada;

Yellow represents Sagebrush, the official state flower, and symbolizes the Great Basin Region of central Nevada;

White represents the name of this state meaning snow-covered, which is the translation of the Spanish word “nevada”;

The crossing of the yellow and red stripes represents the different colors of Nevada sandstone, the official state rock;

The white intersection on the silver field stands for the snow-capped peaks of granite mountains, which make up the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range;

The four blue lines represent the four main rivers of Nevada which are the Colorado River, Truckee River, Humboldt River and Walker River;

The intersecting blue lines in the silver field represent the Colorado River as it meets Hoover Dam and creates Lake Mead;

The small solid “boxes” of silver and blue number 8 by 8, or 64, to signify the year (1864) that Nevada was admitted into statehood;

The 13 solid-colored intersections of the small stripes represent Boundary Peak, the highest point in Nevada, which stands at an elevation of 13,143 feet; and

The 16 solid silver intersections and the solid white intersection in the center of the tartan represent the 16 counties and the one consolidated city-county government of Nevada.



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