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PSYOP Original Sport Kilt


The military Psychological Operations Regimental (PSYOP) tartan Original Sport Kilt

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PSYOP tartan Original Sport Kilt!

The military Psychological Operations Regimental (PSYOP) tartan kilt:

History:  Though the use of psychological warfare predates most conflicts, modern psychological operations date back to WWI, when British and US troops used psychological warfare and military deception extensively in battle to gain advantage over the enemy.  During WWII, on D-Day in 1944, members of the 1st Special Service Forces, commanded by Lord Lovat, fought in kilt with their regimental piper, Bill Millan, striking fear into axis forces.  Members of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops (Ghost Army) simultaneously conducted military deception operations while members of the Office of Strategic Services conducted operations behind enemy lines.  Modern day US Army Special Operations PSYOP and UK Army PSYOPS forces trace their lineage back to these warfighters.

Regimental tartan color representation: Green represents the Army, and the shade of green (bottle green) is identified with the Psychological Operations Regiment heraldry. The white, black, and dark grey represents the classification of messages PSYOP Soldiers create and disseminate. The dark red symbolizes the blood shed by PSYOP Soldiers in conducting operations worldwide and PSYOP’s association with Airborne and Special Operations Forces.

Regimental tartan kilt approvals: The tartan was approved by the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School PSYOP Regimental Commandant and reviewed by the United Kingdom 15th PSYOPS Commander.  Designed by Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR) US Army PSYOP officers E. Walker Nordan Jr. and Andrew Duprey, the Psychological Operations Regimental tartan is officially registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans, National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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3 reviews for PSYOP Original Sport Kilt

  1. ews25

    A perfect 10
    As a former psyopper, I approve. I bought a package and wear it to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I hear it looks dashing.

  2. Chris Patton

    Perfect of us PSYOPers
    This thing is great. It fits the nature of our profession and who we are perfectly!

  3. CW 72

    A Great Product at a Great Price
    My second sport kilt. I like it even more than my first. Thanks for a great product and for carrying the PSYOP tartan.

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