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Scottish Irish American Women’s Kilt


A tartan for those with Scottish, Irish, and American ancestry!

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This tartan is designed specifically to represent the three flags of America, Ireland, and Scotland. Each flag has an intersection that represents only those flags colors. Whether you are Scots-Irish, have ancestors that were, or just want a colorful tartan that has Scottish, Irish, and American pride, this pattern will make the perfect kilt for you. A Sport Kilt exclusive from Tartan Designer and Ambassador Sean Kinney.

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2 reviews for Scottish Irish American Women’s Kilt

  1. Cassandra Reid (verified owner)

    I got this to wear to Universal Studios Orlando and IT WAS PERFECT. The pockets were deep enough I was able to securely carry my wallet and phone with no fear of losing anything. Got lots of compliments too.

  2. KatD

    Love this kilt
    Quality material and workmanship. Great colors. Length is perfect,

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