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Tartan Bandana


An 18×18″ bandana in the tartan of your choice with an endless variety of uses.

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Tartan Bandana…An 18×18″ bandana in the tartan of your choice with an endless variety of uses besides covering your head!

  • Mark a Trail
  • Clean Glasses/lens
  • Pot Holder
  • Washcloth/Towel
  • Coffee filter
  • Flag football
  • Dog collar
  • Dust mask
  • Stick two ends through skiing helmet for “bunny ears” on the hill
  • Tie long hair back
  • Small fish net
  • Hobo Pack
  • Head covering – tucked underneath a hat to protect your neck from the sun
  • Sling – for an injured arm
  • Pack it with ice and use it as a cold pack
  • Sweatband
  • Handkerchief

We try to keep these in stock, but sometimes we make them when your order comes through.  Let us know in the order notes if you would like to receive it by a certain date.


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