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This is the official Armstrong Modern tartan.
The clan motto: Invictus maneo “I remain unvanquished.”
Lands: Liddesdale

The Armstrong Crest features the strong right arm. Legend has it that the clan’s name came from their heroic ancestor‚ Fairbairn‚ who saved his king by lifting him onto his own horse with a single arm (in full armor‚ no less) after the king’s horse was killed beneath him in battle.

Septs of the Clan include: Crosier‚ Fairbairn‚ Fortenbras‚ Grozier and Nixon

Customize your Sport Kilt with options like sewn-down pleats‚ belt loops‚ and even have your kilts hemmed to a custom length.  Please be aware that these alterations require 3-5 days to complete.