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The official Douglas tartan!
Regions: Lowlands

Clan Motto: Jamais Arriere! Never Behind!

Gaelic for 'dark/black river/stream‚' this is indeed a classic pattern with forest green‚ hues of navy blue‚ and stripes of cobalt blue. The territory surrounding Douglas Waters was given to the progenitor Theobald the Fleming in 1147.  So powerful were the Douglasses by the 15th century‚ they were duped into attending‚ what is now called‚ the Black Dinner with the boy-king‚ the 10 yr old James II.  After the meal‚ a black bull head‚ the symbol of death‚ was brought in and placed on the table. The chiefs were dragged out to Castle Hill‚ given a mock trial and mercilessly slaughtered.

Common American sur-names like Young‚ Kirk‚ Brown‚ Foster‚ and Kirkland are septs of Clan Douglas‚ as well as many more!